Tools carries the best mountain bike tools to keep you rolling.

Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced mechanic having the right tool available saves time and money while improving your bike’s service life.

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Mountain bike shop tools will help you keep your bike in the best condition before each ride. These tools are effective and comfortable to make quick work of every bike maintenance project. Heading out on a riding trip? Throw these tools into a box or roll and keep them in the truck for easy between run or end of day adjustments.


Don’t like walking out? Neither do we. Keeping the right mountain bike trail (or riding) tools with you is important. Resetting spun bars after a crash or plugging a tire puncture are easy with the right kit.

We’ve broken down the Trail Tool options into minimalist and adventure. Going out for a quick evening rip? Chances are a multi-tool, CO2 and patch kit are more than enough. Headed out for an all-day excursion miles from help? A more extensive adventure tool setup will help keep you confident that you’re pedaling, not pushing, home!