210 x 55mm FOX Factory Float X2 w/ 2 Position Switch


This is the 210 x 55mm FOX Factory Float X2 Rear Shock with 2 position OPEN-FIRM lever, standard mount

FOX Part Number: 979-01-068

In-Stock & Available. Updated 05-23-24

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The FOX Float X2 offers Enduro and All-Mountain riders the widest range of external controls to fine tune the shock’s performance. Both Rebound and Compression feature Adjustments for High and Low Speed tuning.

This is the 210 x 55mm FOX Factory Float X2 with 2 position switch, standard mount
FOX Part Number: 979-01-068

FOX Float X2 Standard Mount Rear Shock with 2 position switch

Learn more about the FOX Factory Float X2 rear shock below:

FOX Float X2

Click through these tabs to learn more about the Float X2’s Compression, Rebound, Float EVOL and more.

Some of the details and improvements on the X2 lineup include:

High-flow main piston
Progressive bottom-out bumper
Improved lower friction air seals
Ultra-low friction, highly durable hard chrome damper shaft finish
Improved bearing ratio for metric sizes
Matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment on GRIP2 forks and X2 shocks
Updated compression ratios, 300psi max
Improved high-speed rebound tunability via addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control)
Increased control and decreased harshness via linear damping
Ultra-low-friction, highly durable damper shaft finish
Independent firm mode circuit – firmer lockout than previous FLOAT X2
Finned inner body for improved structural rigidity and reduced hysteresis

Float X2 Compression Controls

The Float X2 rear shock provides riders High and Low Speed compression as well as a 2 position OPEN – FIRM switch.

High & Low-Speed Compression

Adjustments to the High and Low-Speed Compression are found on the shock head.

Low-Speed Compression is adjusted with a 3mm hex while a 6mm adjusts the High-Speed Compression.

FOX Float X2 High and Low Speed Compression Adjustment

Low-Speed Compression is typically used with air spring and volume spacing to balance support. With increased Low-Speed Compression the shock will “stand taller” in the travel which helps bikes in fast corners or blasting through the chunk.

High-Speed Compression is often used along with volume spacing to resist high speed shaft movements such as bottom out.

Low and High-Speed Compression are typically set in a similar range. Riders might have a click or two one way or another for fine tuning but if you find yourself with large gaps between the Low and High in order to tune the shock you might review volume spacing and other tuning options which would affect the rebound requirements (check the learn more tab for a video discussing interactions between the various adjustments).

Float X2 Compression Adjustability:

High-Speed Compression: 8 Clicks of Adjustment
Low-Speed Compression: 16 Clicks of Adjustment

FOX Float X2 2 position open firm switch

FOX Float X2 2 Position Switch

The Float X2 2 position switch provides riders a “climb switch” shifting the shock from it’s OPEN circuit to a redesigned independent FIRM circuit.

With this redesign the Float X2’s FIRM position is notably improved for the long climbs for those big descents.

FOX Float X2 Rebound

Like the compression both Low and High-Speed Rebound adjustments are available on the Float X2.

Low-Speed Rebound is adjusted with an allen key near the compression adjustments on the shock head.

FOX Float X2 High and Low Speed Rebound Adjustment

High-Speed Rebound is adjusted under the air can. It can be adjusted by hand, although a small allen key inserted in the machined holes may be easier to spin.

As with the compression settings Low and High-Speed Rebound tend to be adjusted within a range.

If you find your adjustments have more than a couple clicks more variance than suggested you might review other settings as well.

FOX Float X2 Rebound Adjustability

High-speed rebound (w/VVC) – 8 clicks
Low-speed rebound – 16 clicks

You can learn more about the base FOX settings here.

Float X2 EVOL Air Sleeve Details

(from FOX’s site)

Float X2 Max Pressure

FLOAT X2 shocks have a maximum pressure of 300psi (17.2 bar)

EVOL Air Sleeve

The EVOL air sleeve is standard on FLOAT X2 shocks. The EVOL air sleeve provides an external negative air chamber added to the main air sleeve to significantly reduce the force to initiate travel, providing excellent small bump performance. The system is also more linear in its progression offering improved mid stroke support and better bottom out resistance. It is important to add or remove air from the EVOL sleeve as detailed below to experience the best possible performance.

When adding air to the air chamber, it is important to equalize the positive and negative air chambers by slowly compressing the shock through 25% of its travel 10-20 times after every 50psi addition.

Adding air to the shock without periodically equalizing the air chambers can lead to a condition in which the shock has more pressure in the positive chamber than the negative. In this condition the shock will be very stiff and can top-out. You can equalize the air chambers by slowly compressing the shock until you feel and hear a transfer of air. Hold the shock at this point for a few seconds to allow the air to transfer from the positive to the negative chamber.

When releasing air from the air chamber, it is important to do this slowly so the shock can transfer air from the negative to positive chamber and then be released through the Schrader valve.

Releasing the air pressure too quickly can induce a condition in which the negative chamber has more pressure than the positive chamber. In this condition the shock will compress into its travel and not fully extend. You can remedy this by adding air pressure until the shock extends, then slowly compressing the shock through 25% of its travel 10-20 times.

FOX Float X2 Maximum Volume Spacers

found Float X2 Owner’s Manual

Shock Size Maximum Spacer Quantity
7.5 x 2 1
7.875 x 2 1
8.5 x 2.5 2
9.5 x 3 3
10.5 x 3.5 4
185 x 50 1
185 x 55 1
205 x 60 2
205 x 62.5 2
205 x 65 2
210 x 50 3
210 x 55 3
225 x 70 3
225 x 75 3
230 x 57.5 4
230 x 60 4
230 x 65 4
250 x 70 5
250 x 75 5

FLOAT X2 Air Spring Volume Spacers each have a volume of 0.25³ (PN: 233-00-240).

Never install more than the maximum number of air volume spacers listed in the chart above.

Check out a quick video to learn more about how your MTB suspension functions and how each setting interacts with the others.

Float X2: FOX Performance vs. Factory Kashima

There are a couple notable upgrades to the Factory X2 rear shocks compared to the FOX Performance or a OEM Performance Float X2.

Float X2 Defining The Differences

FOX Factory

FOX Factory shocks feature the Kashima coating as well as the top tier dampers. They’re called Factory or Kashima options. And they’re pretty easy to spot with the dark brown hue.

The Float X2 Factory features high and low-speed compression as well as rebound. Most of the models, with the longer eye to eye being the exception, feature a 2 position OPEN – FIRM switch to provide a climbing platform if desired.

FOX Performance ELITE

FOX Performance Elite shocks typically feature the top tier damper systems, with all the adjustments of the Factory shock, but have a black ano coating.

FOX Performance

Some shocks are available from FOX in a Performance configuration. The FOX Performance shocks tend to have a less sophisticated damper, generally without as many compression controls as the Factory or Performance Elite shocks are spec’d with. The damper body has a black ano coating.

OEM FOX Float X2

You might see take-off shocks in a variety of configurations. Manufacturers can spec differences in the body, dampers, etc so understanding which damper is spec’d on an OEM shock will allow you to compare “apples to apples” so to speak.

FOX Factory Float X versus Performance Float X

Low-Speed Compression

This is the biggest difference. The FOX Factory Float X2 offers a 2 position OPEN – FIRM as well as the high and low-speed compression adjusters.

The Factory shock uses the low-speed and high-speed compression with volume spacing to control support and bottom out. The Performance shocks lean on the volume spacing and PSI to produce support and bottom out characteristics. Some Performance X2 shocks may have a low speed and not a high speed compression depending on the OEM spec.

This added Compression control is exceptionally notable as your ground speeds increase as well as for larger riders.

Kashima Coating vs Black Ano

Without access to all of FOX’s testing I’m referencing my years of experience riding both FOX coatings as well as our background on custom shock manufacturing and tuning.

The Black Ano coating works well. I ran a Performance Elite fork and shock with the black ano for years without noticing any wear in the coating.

The Kashima coating is slightly more “slippery” – which means less stiction – probably more notable for smaller riders.

When BikeCo has done custom internals or custom branded shocks we work closely with our coating specialists. Many of the additive packages aimed at producing a surface with less surface friction have an additional benefit that they work really well at negating or minimizing heat input on the shaft. This helps minimize performance changes to the shock during a fast run with thousands of shaft inputs. BTW: these additive packs tended to produce a rich, brown color… Just saying…

So in conclusion: Factory Shocks have notable advantages in overall tuning setup as well as direct benefits for large and small riders on different sides of the spectrum!

Comparing the Float X2 to other shocks

The Float X2 is extremely popular for All-Mountain and Enduro riders. However, you will see it on trail bikes for the right rider and setup.

The Float X2’s adjustability is what sets this shock apart. High and Low Speed adjustments on both Rebound and Compression along with the PSI and air volume spacers give this shock the capability to handle a tremendous range of riders in a wide range of terrain and speeds.

Some trail bikes or even some enduro bikes may have clearance issues with the larger body of the Float X2. These riders will gravitate to the Float X which offers the great performance riders expect from FOX in a slightly smaller package (and without the high speed adjustability).

Questions on the Float X2? Chat with our team to ensure you’ve got all the answers before you buy!

Buy with BikeCo: Advantages

Shopping suspension? There are notable reasons to work with The Bike Company. We care about Expertise & Experience: Yours!

Our staff is excited to help you get the right product, setup for your riding. Whether you’re looking to understand your product front to back or simply want to know you got the best product for your needs dialed in for your riding we are here for you.

BikeCo.com Pro Tune Suspension

Ready to take your Fox Float X2’s performance to the next level? Then it’s time for BikeCo’s Pro Tune Suspension.

BikeCo’s suspension tuners take Fox’s excellent performing forks and shocks and personalize the tune parameters to your specifics.

We will contact you for a riding bio to assess your riding level, terrain, riding disposition, ground speeds, etc. Our proprietary modifications then narrow the fork’s performance window, and thus improve the adjust-ability for you!

Out of the box Fox makes a great product. But it has to “fit” everyone. From the lightweight, smooth rider to a biggest, burliest basher. And everything in between. Well, chances are you’re somewhere in a narrower window with your riding… Let’s dial it in for you.

After Sales Service from BikeCo.com

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Our team will reach out with a variety of loaded questions to help you find that “ah-ha” moment with your bike. A click here, a turn there, a bit of stack, a couple PSI – it can be intimidating. But not for BikeCo clients. We’re here by phone, email, chat or in-store to help you enjoy your MTB.

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