27.5″ FOX Factory
36 FIT4 Fork
Shiny Black Lowers
160mm, 44mm Offset


This is the 27.5″ FOX Factory 36 FIT4 Fork with Shiny Black Lowers, 160mm Travel with 44mm Offset and 15QR Axle

FOX Part Number: 910-21-123

Available: updated 03/20/23.

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Truly the All-Mountain option the FOX Factory 36 is available in both 27.5″ and 29″ in a variety of travel, damper and offset configurations.

This is the 27.5″ FOX Factory 36 FIT4 with Shiny Black Lowers, 160mm Travel, 44mm Offset with 15QR Axle
FOX Part Number: 910-21-123

FOX Factory 36 GRIP2 Fork with Glossy Black Lowers profile

Looking for this fork in a different configuration?

Chat with us (or scroll down to the contact form) about air shaft and damper options to produce the perfect FOX Factory 36 in 150 or 160mm travel with a FIT4 or GRIP2 damper.

Learn more about the FOX Factory 36 FIT4 fork below:

FOX 36 FIT4 Fork

A great option for lighter riders or those looking for a climb switch or on-the-fly adjustment.

FIT4 Damper

On trail the FIT4 gives riders easy access to a 3 position Open, Medium and Firm setting – great for stiffening the bike’s fork on those long climbs. The FIT4 is robust enough for Enduro duty for lighter riders and provides a great Trail riding feel for a wide range of users.

FOX Factory FIT4 Compression Control

FOX FIT4 Compression Controls

The inner black knob controls the FOX FIT4’s Low Speed Compression (or Open Mode Adjust) while the larger diameter blue lever is a on-the-fly 3 position Open, Medium, Firm switch.

On-The-Fly – 3 Positions: Open – Medium – Firm
Low-Speed Compression (Open Mode Adjust) – 22 Clicks

Looking for a little more support on your climb? The FIT4 3 position Open, Medium, Firm switch provides a popular pedal platform for those long grinds.

The FIT4 also provides riders tunable support and bottom out resistance with 22 clicks of Low-Speed Compression adjustment. This setting will shift the performance in the 3 position switch’s Open mode. This is popular to give the bike a bit more support in the corners, under hard braking, etc. The 22 clicks of Low-Speed Compression are typically tuned in concert with the fork’s volume spacers.

FOX Factory Fork FIT4 Rebound Control

FOX FIT4 Rebound Controls

The red knob at the bottom of the lower controls the FIT4 Low-Speed Rebound.

Low-Speed Rebound – 10 Clicks

Rebound settings will vary depending on rider size, ground speed and terrain. Ideally rebound is set fast enough to allow the fork to return to neutral before the next obstacle without being a pogo-stick!

Comparing FOX fork options? You might wonder what some of the major differences between the GRIP2 and FIT4 dampers are. Well here are the notable differences on the GRIP2 vs FIT4 FOX forks.

GRIP2 vs FIT4 FOX Damper Comparison

The most obvious difference between the GRIP2 and FIT4 is in the compression setups.

On the GRIP2 (left) you’ll see the High and Low Speed Compression controls. High-Speed is the outer blue ring and the inner black dial is Low-Speed.

The FIT4 (right) has a 3 position switch and Low Speed Compression adjustment for the OPEN mode. The blue 3 position switch offers OPEN, MEDIUM and FIRM and is typically used as a pedaling platform.  The inner black dial adjusts the Low-Speed Compression adding some support to the OPEN mode.

GRIP2 vs FIT4 FOX Rebound Comparison

The GRIP2 (shown on left) also provides Low and High-Speed Rebound adjustment. This provides riders a bit more tuning capacity particularly those running high rebound settings to control higher air spring pressures.

With the FIT4 riders find the standard Low-Speed Rebound adjustment.

GRIP2 vs FIT4: Who Wants What?

So, which damper is right for your riding? While there is a decent range of cross-over typically riders find themselves leaning towards one or the other.

Want a pedal platform, or a climb switch? Well, you’re looking at the FIT4 option. While not used as often as a rear shock climb switch some riders prefer the option to increase the compression on those long climbs and the FIT4 gives you both a MEDIUM and FIRM option.

Are you a bigger rider (I am…)? Probably leaning towards the additional adjustability of the GRIP2. High and Low Speed controls produce a wider tunable range allowing you to fine tune your setup.

Are you a smaller, or lighter, or “poppy-er” rider? Well, the FIT4 tends to ride a bit more plush and at the same time has a bit more “pop” for those riders.

Read through more details on the tabs above about the technical aspects of both the GRIP2 and FIT4 or chat with our team to get on the right fork for your riding!

The FOX Float EVOL air spring has been fine tuned over the years to provide riders exceptional performance.

Using volume spacers the FOX Factory 36 fork can modify its progression rate creating either a more linear (less volume spacers, more total air volume) or more progressive (more volume spacers, less total air volume) feel.

FOX 36 Fork Maximum Volume Spacers

Do not use more volume spacers than FOX specifies. Severe damage to the fork and or loss of control will occur.

FOX 36 Maximum Volume Spacers

170mm: 5
160mm: 6
150mm: 7
140mm: 8
130mm: 9

Check out more details on the FOX 36 tuning guide.

FOX 36 Factory Fork Shared Features

Upper Tube Finish: Kashima Coat

FOX Factory Fork Bleeders and Channels

Air Channels & Bleeders: Yes.

Shown above the FOX 36 provides riders a simple way to eliminate any air buildup in the fork lowers. Simply push the bleeder valve to release any pressurized air in the fork lower. Since pressure in the fork lower creates a harsh ride these small bleeders provide a notable improvement in performance and are especially valuable on lift access mountain days, races or days with big heat input changes.

Air pressure can build in the lowers from heat saturation or if the fork “gulps” air past the seals during operation. Either way, these bleeders have you covered.

The channels improve flow through the fork for more consistent performance across a range of terrain and ground speeds.

FOX Factory 38 GRIP2 Rebound Control and Floating Axle

Floating Axle: Yes.

Floating axles do not need to be adjusted each time a wheel is removed. However, having the ability to set a floating axle to a new hub or wheel will greatly improve performance.

Rotor Size: 180 Direct Mount with compatibility to 230mm

Mud Guard Mount: Yes. 4 point direct mount for optional Mud Guards

Air Spring: Float EVOL

FOX Factory Fork Revised Arch

Revised Arch: Yes.

Designed to be lighter, strong while accommodating revised bike geo a lot of attention went into the fork arch.

New Crown: Yes.

20g lighter with more steer tube overlap at the CSU. All the stiffness without the weight!

Check out a quick video to learn more about how your MTB suspension functions and how each setting interacts with the others.

Comparing the FOX 36 to other forks

Before the 38 and the FOX 34 with a GRIP2 option you’d see 36s on everything from aggressive downcountry / trail bikes to big mountain, park rigs.

With the 38 and 34 taking up some of the slack the FOX 36 has shifted to the 150 and 160mm travel range – perfect for a wide range of bikes. Bikes like the Mondraker RAZE or the Yeti SB140 29 can use either the 150 or 160mm travel options on the 36.

Riders looking for a 160/170 fork option will likely gravitate to the FOX 38 while 34 takes on sub 150mm travel options.

Buy with BikeCo: Advantages

Shopping suspension? There are notable reasons to work with The Bike Company. We care about Expertise & Experience: Yours!

Our staff is excited to help you get the right product, setup for your riding. Whether you’re looking to understand your product front to back or simply want to know you got the best product for your needs dialed in for your riding we are here for you.

BikeCo.com Pro Tune Suspension

Ready to take your Fox 36 fork’s performance to the next level? Then it’s time for BikeCo’s Pro Tune Suspension.

BikeCo’s suspension tuners take Fox’s excellent performing forks and shocks and personalize the tune parameters to your specifics.

We will contact you for a riding bio to assess your riding level, terrain, riding disposition, ground speeds, etc. Our proprietary modifications then narrow the fork’s performance window, and thus improve the adjust-ability for you!

Out of the box Fox makes a great product. But it has to “fit” everyone. From the lightweight, smooth rider to a biggest, burliest basher. And everything in between. Well, chances are you’re somewhere in a narrower window with your riding… Let’s dial it in for you.

After Sales Service from BikeCo.com

Another aspect that sets BikeCo apart is our after sales service. The best components for each budget is the first step. Dialing in the exact setup combination is the next step. No other shop has the experience to help you understand and setup modern mountain bikes.

Our team will reach out with a variety of loaded questions to help you find that “ah-ha” moment with your bike. A click here, a turn there, a bit of stack, a couple PSI – it can be intimidating. But not for BikeCo clients. We’re here by phone, email, chat or in-store to help you enjoy your MTB.

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