29″ Fox 38 Factory GRIP2 170mm 44mm Offset Org

29″ Fox 38 Factory Grip2 170mm 44mm Offset Orange

Fox Factory Float 38
29″ Wheel – 170mm Travel
GRIP2 Damper
44mm Offset
15QR x 110mm Boost Axle
Gloss Orange

29 Fox 38 Factory Grip2 170mm Orange Part Number:


Orange FOX 38 160, 170, 180mm Fork Options:

We offer riders access to all of the 38 travel options with air shaft swaps. Dial in your build with a 160mm, 170mm or 180mm Orange Fox 38.
*note: serial number will indicate 180mm – remember to adjust volume spacers, etc based on air shaft travel!

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29 Fox 38 Factory GRIP2 170mm 44mm Offset Orange Lowers

This is the 2022 29″ FOX 38 Factory GRIP2 fork – available in 160, 170 and 180mm travel (using air shaft swaps) with 44mm offset and Orange Lowers.

Fox Factory Float 38
29″ Wheel – 170mm Travel
GRIP2 Damper
44mm Offset
15QR x 110mm Boost Axle
Gloss Orange

29 FOX 38 170mm Travel, 44mm Offset, Orange Lowers Part Number:


It’s time to get excited. The new Fox Float 38 Factory GRIP2 fork has the features that aggressive enduro riders need.

Fox Float 38 Factory GRIP2 Fork


Floating Axle

Fox Float 38 36 Fork Floating Axle

Fox’s new floating axle design on the 38 and 36 fork lineup combines a 15QR axle with a pinch bolt and floating sleeve. The floating sleeve / axle come from the factory preset but for the ultimate performance a quick adjustment with your allen key dials in the perfect fit. The floating sleeve is locked in place. This means you don’t have to adjust it each time you remove the wheel. (with the 15QR, the Kabolt-X requires alignment each time the bolt is removed)

One of the big advantages of a floating axle is improved upper and lower alignment. This helps reduce sticktion throughout the fork’s travel. Fox’s new design works as well as is quick and simple. Love it.


Lower Leg Channels and Air Bleeders

Fox 38 36 Lower Leg Channel and Air Equalizer Bleeder

Both of these are notable improvements to the Fox fork lineup.

The lower leg channels provide a pair of very functional design improvements. First they are calculated to provide a shift in the air spring volume through the fork’s stroke. This improves control of the air pressure ramp in the fork lowers.

Equally, if not more important, are the channels design to improve the oil circulation. This improves the fork’s performance through the service interval. Less stress on the oil, foam rings and bushing is a good thing!


Equalizing Ports (or Bleeders) allow instant relief of build up pressure in the fork lowers. Air pressure builds in fork lowers for a variety of reasons. Altitude, head, “gulp” air past the seals. None of these improve small bump compliance or feel. In fact, equalizing the lower leg pressure often revitalizes your fork if its feeling tired before the end of the service interval. These are a great addition to forks ridden aggressively.


Revised Arch Design

Fox 38 36 Revised Lower Leg Arch Fork


The revised lower fork arch on the Fox 38 accommodates for modern bike geometry: larger headtubes as well as decreased fork offsets.

More than that, the engineers at Fox have found ways to increase stiffness and decrease weight.


More details on the Fox 38

The Fox Float 38 features the updated GRIP2 damper. VVC (variable valve control) has been added to the High-speed compression circuit.

GRIP2 Adjustments

High-Speed Compression – 8 Clicks (now with VVC)
Low-Speed Compression – 16 Clicks

High-Speed Rebound – 8 Clicks (with VVC)
Low-Speed Rebound – 16 Clicks

BikeCo.com Pro Tune Suspension

Ready to take your Fox 38 fork’s performance to the next level? Then it’s time for BikeCo’s Pro Tune Suspension.

BikeCo’s suspension tuners take Fox’s excellent performing forks and shocks and personalize the tune parameters to your specifics.

We will contact you for a riding bio to assess your riding level, terrain, riding disposition, ground speeds, etc. Our proprietary modifications then narrow the fork’s performance window, and thus improve the adjust-ability for you!

Out of the box Fox makes a great product. But it has to “fit” everyone. From the lightweight, smooth rider to a biggest, burliest basher. And everything in between. Well, chances are you’re somewhere in a narrower window with your riding… Let’s dial it in for you.

After Sales Service from BikeCo.com

Another aspect that sets BikeCo apart is our after sales service. The best components for each budget is the first step. Dialing in the exact setup combination is the next step. No other shop has the experience to help you understand and setup modern mountain bikes.

Our team will reach out with a variety of loaded questions to help you find that “ah-ha” moment with your bike. A click here, a turn there, a bit of stack, a couple PSI – it can be intimidating. But not for BikeCo clients. We’re here by phone, email, chat or in-store to help you enjoy your MTB.


Fox Float 38 Factory Grip2 Fork

Upper Tube Finish Kashima Coat
Air Channels Yes
Bleeders Yes
Floating Axle Yes
Rotor Size 180 direct Post Mount, Up to 230 compatible
Mud Guard Mount Optional FOX 36/38 Mud Guard with sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment
Steerer 1.5 Taper
Starting Weight 2180 g

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