Absolute Black
Oval Chainring
SRAM DM, Polished


Absolute Black Oval Chainring, SRAM DM, Polished

Oval chainrings are gaining popularity allowing riders to reduce stress on knees and help keep your legs fresh. Absolute Black Oval chainrings are in this polished colorway are often referred to as Titanium (although they are in fact an aluminum ring) or grey.

Absolute Black Oval SRAM DM Polished Chainring Part Numbers:

32t 3mm Boost Part Number: SROVBOOST32TI
UPC: 5110846004416

30t 3mm Boost Part Number: SROVBOOST30TI
UPC: 5110846004409

Absolute Black Oval Chainring for SRAM Direct Mount Cranks
HyperGlide is the new 12sp standard from Shimano

Available in 28t, 30t,  32t as well as 34t.

Inventory Updated 10/19/21



Absolute Black Oval Chainring, SRAM Direct Mount, 3mm Offset, Polished

absolute BLACK Oval Direct Mount 1x Chainrings for SRAM greatly improve traction and climbing abilities. They are designed for SRAM cranks that have a 3-bolt direct mount interface and removable spider. Direct mount chainrings provide significant weight savings over a standard spider and chainring combination. They are crafted from CNC machined 7075 aluminum, and feature an anodized finish for exceptional durability. Ovality has been optimized for each chainring size, ranging from 10.2 – 14.4%, with timing of 110.5-116.3° after TDC (top dead center).

Oval shape reduces stress on knees, helps to keep your legs fresh, and does not feel any different while riding
The unique patent-pending narrow-wide tooth profile keeps the chain in place
Teeth have been 3D-machined for ultimate mud shedding and quieter operation
Provides excellent weight to strength ratio
3mm offset is designed for 141/148 Boost spacing on standard DUB/GXP/Long Spindle BB30, as well as 157 Super Boost spacing on dedicated Super Boost DUB cranks


Absolute Black Polished SRAM Direct Mount Chain Ring

One of the most popular applications of the Polished Absolute Black chain rings: accenting the Cane Creek eeWings titanium cranks. So good right?

Cane Creek eWings with Polished Chain Ring

Absolute Black Oval Chainring, SRAM Direct Mount Details

Round or Oval: Oval
Material: Aluminum
Chainline/Hub Compatibility: 141/148 Boost Hubs , 157 Super Boost Hubs
Direct Mount Type: Direct Mount SRAM
Ring Position/Type: Chain Retaining Single Ring
Drivetrain Speeds: 10 , 11 , 12
Defined Color: Titanium, Grey, or Polished
Offset: 3

Absolute Black Oval SRAM DM Tooth Count 32t 3mm Boost
Manufacturer Part Number: SROVBOOST32TI
UPC: 5110846004416

Absolute Black Oval SRAM DM Tooth Count 30t 3mm Boost
Manufacturer Part Number: SROVBOOST30TI
UPC: 5110846004409


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