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CushCore XC 27.5″

The CushCore XC is designed for great rim protection in a lighter, easier to install system compared to the CushCore Pro

CushCore PN: 70025
UPC: 701822997553

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CushCore XC 27.5″ Rim Protection, Pair

With the CushCore XC rim protection is lighter and easier to install than the CushCore Pro. The CushCore XC is great for aggressive trail riding to enduro adventures. Riders looking for “snake-bite” tire prevention as well as improved protection of their rims will appreciate the CushCore XC compared to other options.

CushCore XC 27.5 fits tire widths 1.8″ to 2.4″ and 27.5″ diameter rims with inner widths 22mm to 32mm. (the wider rim and tire combo tend to be easier to mount)

Along with protecting your rims and tires CushCore also modifies the air ramp, like a volume spacer in your suspension. This provides you the ability to run a lower PSI in your tires for grip while utilizing the rising PSI as the tire compresses for support.

Many riders will use the CushCore 27.5 XC Rim Protection as a pair, however there are other popular options as well.

Not quite an aggressive rider? Maybe you just need a CushCore 27.5 XC Rim Protection in the rear tire for the occasional, shall we say, miss?

Maybe you’re riding a bit more aggressive, but want to save some weight. Using the CushCore 27.5″ XC Rim Protection in the front and the burlier CushCore PRO Single in the rear is an option.

Going all in? Looking for a bit more protection? Check out the CushCore PRO Pair.

Want to compare the CushCore Pro and XC? Check out BikeCo’s comparison here.

CushCore XC Pair

Installing CushCore:

Installing CushCore XC rim protection is notably easier than the CushCore PRO but some tips and tricks are still helpful. CushCore has a variety of media to help you – the most important trick seems to be using a trash can to allow you to purposefully drive a tire lever vertically against the tire bead.

Check out a CushCore XC installation and ride review here!

Don’t worry – it gets easier! Plus, it’s a lot easier (not to mention much less expensive) than rebuilding a cracked rim.

CushCore PN: 70025
UPC: 701822997553

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