DMR V-11 Composite Pedals

DMR V-11 Composite Pedals

Sharing the proven DMR Vault pedal shape these are confident composite pedals for a variety of riding. Scroll down to learn more about the DMR V-11 pedal dimensions and contact patch.

DMR V-11 Pedals PN:

Black: DMR-V11-K
Turquoise: DMR-V11-TB
Orange: DMR-V11-TO
Blue: DMR-V11-BL

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DMR V-11 Pedal Dimensions & Contact Patch

The DMR V-11 Pedals contact patch is a slightly forward facing square measuring about 105mm.

The forward lateral is about 9mm further from center compared to the rear lateral support.

11 traction pins as well as a concave center support give the DMR V-11 Pedals a nice concave feel. The outer edges of the profile measure 19mm while the center of the mid support comes in about 15mm giving a 2mm per side concave.

DMR V-11 Pedal Details

Same proven shape as the Vault pedal
Molded glass-reinforced nylon body with concave footbed
Strong 4140 CrMo axle
Serviceable bearing/bushing internals
Tuneable pins with outer Moto pins for serious grip (11 pins/side)

DMR V-11 Pedals Dimensions

Size: 105x105x19mm
Axle: 9/16″
Weight: 450g

DMR V11 Pedal Weight

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DMR V-11 Pedal Part Numbers:

Black: DMR-V11-K
EAN: 5055308125769

Turquoise: DMR-V11-TB
EAN: 5055308125813

Orange: DMR-V11-TO
EAN: 5055308125783

Blue: DMR-V11-BL
EAN: 5055308125806

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