DMR Vault Brendog Stealth Black Pedals


DMR Vault Brendog Stealth Black Pedals: Signature Model

DMR Vault Pedals provide a great shape with tune-able pins for a perfect fit. These Brendog signature model flat pedals feature understated white branding on a stealth black pedal. Scroll down to read more about the DMR Vault pedal dimensions and contact patch.

DMR Vault Stealth Black Brendog Pedals Part Numbers

Stealth Black: DMR-VAULT-K2-BREN

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DMR Vault Pedal Dimensions & Contact Patch

DMR Vault pedals have a contact patch measuring 104.8mm wide and 103.2 long. As you can see in the rotation view the DMR Vault pedals center support bar is machined out for a nice concave fit. The center of the support measures 14mm and it flares to 17mm at the edges of the pedal contact patch. The front lip of the pedal also has a slight rise giving the pedal a touch more fore / aft concave when riding.

7 removable pins per side have their hex heads countersunk into the pedal, protecting the tool interface from impact and allowing for easier removal. 4 studs near the center support can be removed to create even more concave or personalized fit.

DMR Vault pedals are available in a range of colors to accent your build as well as a magnesium offering to save weight.

DMR Vault Pedals Brendog Stealth Black Details

Signature pedals with small contrasting branding on a black on black flat pedal

Large extruded 6061 alloy body with concave footbed
High load DU bushing and cartridge bearing; fully serviceable
Includes tuneable Flip Pins

DMR Vault Pedals Dimensions

Size: 105x105x17mm
Axle: 9/16″
Weight: 430g

DMR Vault Pedal weight

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DMR Vault Pedals Brendog Stealth Black Part Numbers

Stealth Black: DMR-VAULT-K2-BREN

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