DT Swiss 240s Custom Wheel Kit: 29″ Carbon Enduro Rims

DT Swiss 240s Custom Wheel Kit: 29″ Carbon Enduro Rims

Use BikeCo’s Custom DT Swiss 240s 29″ Carbon Wheel Builder to spec the perfect wheelset for your bike. Click through the options available or scroll down for more information on the particulars of the build. This kit features DT Swiss 240s hubs laced with your choice of alloy rims, spokes, nipples, all the way to tires!


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This page has been updated! Check out the new Wheels section featuring BikeCo Favorite Builds as well as DT Swiss in Featured Brands.


BikeCo’s Custom DT Swiss 240s 29″ Carbon Wheel Builder allows Enduro riders to spec the best Carbon Rims, Spokes, Nipples and Tires for their riding.

ENDURO KIT components are designed to stand up to burly trails and fast riding, without compromising your uphill experience. From all day trail excursions to park days your enduro wheels are going to see it all so they better be ready.

This 29″ Custom Wheel Builder features DT Swiss 240s IS (6 Bolt) hubs. DT 240s Hubs are available in either Boost and non-Boost configurations. Centerlock options are available, contact our sales staff for details.

From DT Swiss’ Site:

“Swiss precision engineering, machining and assembly together with clever detail solutions have made of the 240 what it is today: A legend. Featuring the latest refinements the 240 hubs are extremely lightweight and extremely durable. The Ratchet System is the best solution for a freewheel system, since it can transfer high loads while being super light. Just what athletes want: Perfect transmission of their power and the reliability allowing them to focus on the ride.”

Fill out our build form for the ultimate Purpose Built Wheels! By answering a few simple questions our wheel building experts will optimize the tune on your Custom DT Swiss 240s Wheels for your riding style, speeds, and size.

All BikeCo Custom wheels are taped for tubeless tires and include brass valve stems. Colored alloy valve stems are available as an upgrade.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Check out the Trail and Gravity Wheel Kits (coming soon 1/19/18)

Check out other Custom Wheel Options: DT Swiss 240s 29″ Alloy, i9 Torch 29″ Carbon, Chris King 29″ Carbon, DT Swiss 350 29″ Carbon,

Need more info to help you spec the best wheels for your riding? Scroll down to compare component specifics. If you still have questions reach out by chat, phone, or email to contact our expert sales staff!


Custom DT Swiss 240s Wheel Builder, 29″ Carbon Rim Components



NOX, IBIS and ENVE rims are available in a variety of widths and layups (stiffness). As a result riders can find tune spec depending on riding style, tire preference (controlling shape/volume with rim width) and aggressiveness.


Nox Carbon Enduro Rims Wheel Kit

The Teocalli offers a 26mm internal width, which in today’s Enduro riding is almost “racing” narrow. Narrower, faster tread pattern tires are commonly paired with the Teocalli. When too wide of a tire is fitted substantial lean angles will be required to engage cornering lugs. This rim performs excellent with 2.2-2.4″ tires.

The Farlow is a 28mm internal width rim and pairs well with a variety of tires in the 2.3-2.5″ range. For more aggressive riding the Farlow is available with a DH layup providing additional stiffness and strength especially relevant for larger Enduro racers.

The NOX Kitsuma rim was designed with DH in mind – but the 36mm internal and additional strength have been popular with aggressive Enduro riders as well. This rim pairs well with many of the wider tires available and supported by modern frame designs. 2.5 WT, 2.6 and larger.

NOX offers a 2 year Rock Strike Replacement and Lifetime Crash Replacement on their rims.



Ibis applied their carbon fiber knowledge and cutting edge design team to rims several years ago – and countless riders are stoked they did!

The “35” (735, 935) feature a 29mm internal and the “42” (742, 942) offer a 35mm internal width.

The 29mm rim is a bit quicker handling when paired with smaller tires, 2.4 and smaller. The 35mm internal “42” series pairs well with 2.3 and larger tires while providing additional volume allowing for lower PSIs and improved grip.

We’ve built many, many sets of custom wheels with Ibis rims for a variety of different brand bikes – they are that good.

Ibis offers a 7 year warranty as well as No Fault Replacement pricing for the original owner of the rims.



M Series – it’s revised, it’s cutting edge, it’s next level, it’s here at BikeCo. ENVE’s M Series rim strip has changed the carbon game for everyone.

The M730 features a 30mm internal which pairs well with just about any tire on the market.

Enve’s M735 goes a bit wider with a 35mm internal designed to increase volume for lower tire PSI while providing great shape for modern tires.

Need a more robust layup? The M930 takes care of your needs with a 30mm internal width.

ENVE offers a 5 year warranty with a Lifetime Loyalty program to cover issues outside of warranty.



At BikeCo we work with DT Swiss spokes. Period. DT Swiss has the ultimate in production technology and quality control.

We work with black spokes. The hard black ano is a technical coating and therefore adds stiffness and longevity. Most colored spokes DO NOT offer this level of technical coating – why take the chance.

We offer three spoke options online for both the front and rear wheels.

DOUBLE BUTTED: For maximum strength and stiffness choose the Double Butted option. DT Swiss Double butted spokes are forged with a narrower center section which is lighter but also greatly improves the flow of stress. The flow of stress attributes of a properly butted spoke mean Double butted spokes will typically outperform straight pull options for strength and longevity.

SUPERCOMP: Looking for the light weight option? It makes sense – there are a lot of spokes and saving a bit on each one goes a long way. SuperComp spokes are triple butted as a result they offer ultimate weight savings and flow of stress properties.

MIX: Looking for something in the middle? Let’s build with stiffer Double Butted spokes on the more stressed half – drive side (rear) or brake side (front) while using SuperComp for the other half. This is extremely popular when we build wheels.

Are you a rider who is typically really light on wheels, but occasionally might bash one? SuperComp front and Mix Rear. Are you hard on wheels – but the rear more than the front (this is how I tend to ride…)? A mix front with a double butted rear dials you in.


Most wheels are built with Alloy nipples (which have color options). If you’re looking for max strength it’s time for ProLocks. But you want custom nipple color arrangements? No issue, let us know on the contact form.


You can’t finish off your new wheels with old rubber, well you can, choose none – but, come on… We offer the best Enduro tires from Maxxis, Schwalbe, WTB and Onza.

So you have your favorite go to? We probably have it on the builder for you.

Is it time for something different? Think about what you love and hate on your current setup.

Looking for more grip when you initiate a turn (low lean angle)? Less channel opening, between the center section and cornering lug, and more transitional knob, instead of channel will help.

Need for more support when you’re blasting turns? Check out the sidewall technology – the new DoubleDefense from Maxxis and EDC from Onza are Enduro race favorites.

Take a look at some of the most relevant Enduro tread patterns on the market below.



Maxxis Tire Options for BikeCo Wheel Kit Builder

The Maxxis lineup features dual compound and triple compound rubber (3C) with a variety of sidewall technologies (EXO, DD in particular)

The Minion DHF front paired with an Aggressor rear has been a popular setup recently. The Minion, both DHF and DHR II are favored front and rear by riders in a variety of terrain.



Schwalbe Tire Options for BikeCo Wheel Kit Builder

ADDIX rubber has changed the game for Schwalbe riders. Better traction, longer lasting tires with their popular tread patterns.

Wider rims allow wider tires without compromising too much top speed meaning 2.6″ tires aren’t just for lift assist or shuttle days anymore. A very popular package is the Magic Mary with the Nobby Nic rear due to it’s confidence through maximum traction.



WTB Tire Options for BikeCo Wheel Kit Builder

Are you looking for tires that will take a beating? WTB tires offer some of the toughest sidewall technology on the market.

We often support Jr. Development racing here at BikeCo – and those youngsters are HARD on product. We ran WTB tires for seasons without issue while throwing tons of abuse at them.




As mentioned – Jr. racers are hard on things, particularly tires. So last season we ran Ibex/Citius combos which survived the biggest Enduro races on the calendar without issue.

Check out the EDC sidewall for maximum protection from all the sharp, aggressive things we tend to find at speed on trail. These sidewalls provide excellent support, even at low air pressures, allowing larger or faster riders to rip into corners with confidence.

Seems like you’ve got it but not quite sure what to do? Reach out to us – because this is what we do, and we are here to do it for you!


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