Ergon SMC4 MTB Comfort Series Saddle

The Ergon SMC4 saddle provides the ultimate pain relief saddle. With its large surface the saddle reduces pressure points and more evenly distributes within the sit bone.

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Ergon SMC4 MTB Comfort Series Saddle

The SMC4 offers the most comfort and relief for touring riders and mountain bikers. Numbness is diminished or prevented through the soft and deep padding. The 9mm relief channel offers maximum pressure relief for the perineal area. The large sitting area of the saddle effectively reduces pressure points, distributing the pressure equally across the sit bones. Unlike step-saddles, the flat seating surface of the SMC4 enables dynamic sitting positions.

Ergon SMC4 MTB Features:

Name             SMC4
Use                  Touring, Fitness
Weight            ca. 285 g*
Size                 Medium (11-13cm) or Large (13-15cm)
Color             Black
Shell                Nylon Composite
Rail                 CroMo
Cover             Microfiber
Padding          Orthopedic Comfort Foam


MTB saddle sizing at home

Measuring MTB Saddle Fit at home. Measure your Sit Bones with a chair, broom and some cardboard.

Find a broom, chair, some cardboard and a tape measure. Sit down, then pull yourself down to imprint your sit bones on the cardboard. Measure from the center of the crushed ovals. Typical mountain setups will error slightly on the wider side as MTB riding is pretty dynamic.

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