27.5″ Factor Hubs, Aluminum Wheel Builder

27.5″ Factor Hubs, Aluminum Wheel Builder

Novatec Factor hubs have been popular for a wide range of custom wheel builds. High engagement, great price point as well a variety of colors – what’s not to love?

This page allows you to spec the perfect wheel with a running total below!

Scroll down for more details on BikeCo’s wheel builders as well as details on hubs, rims, spokes and more.

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Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Spec’ing a wheel can be a taunting task. Our team of experts is here to ensure you get the best spec, setup, tune and pricing.


BikeCo.com has an experienced team of in-house wheel builders. Our team has worked with a variety of the fastest racers in MTB. From silky smooth to absolute bashers we have the knowledge and experience to fine tune your build to your riding style.

Over the years our wheel builders have developed techniques that bring wheels up to tension with the least amount of stress to the rims. Once true and round BikeCo handbuilt wheels are pre-stressed to minimize settling and maximize service intervals.

Why settle for “anyone” building your wheels when you can have some of the best builders in MTB put together your next wheelset?


Factor hubs offer high engagement and a range of colors without breaking the bank. These hubs are race proven by some of the fastest riders in MTB.

Other popular hubs for top tier builds include Chris King, Industry Nine Hydra, DT Swiss 240s as well as the DT Swiss 350 for the more budget conscious.


There are a lot of aluminum MTB rims on the market. BikeCo weeds out the “fakers” and gives our clients access to the best on the market. Proper tire retention, good service life, appropriate strength, as well as excellent trail personality are required to make this list.

Check out the best WTB, DT Swiss, Stan’s, Ibis and Race Face rims with our aluminum wheel builders.


The most popular spokes for nearly all MTB wheels are the DT Swiss Competition and DT Swiss Competition Race options. DT Swiss has unmatched consistency through production runs giving them the highest quality end product.

Sapim CX Ray are bladed spokes. Flattening the center section is primarily for aerodynamic advantage. This is more of a factor on road wheels spinning at higher RPM’s for longer distances than the typical MTB use.


Choose from Alloy, Pro-Lock Alloy, Brass as well as Brass Pro-Lock options. Most riders choose standard alloy nipples as our builders have appropriate fixatives to help retain the spoke / nipple interface (similar to what Pro-Lock will do).


Interested in other wheel options? Check out some of BikeCo.com’s favorite builds, featured brands, and full custom builder to dial in your next set of wheels.