Five-Ten Freerider Pro Canvas Grey/Grey/Mint


Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas: Dgh Solid Grey/Grey Three/Acid Mint

Attention to detail from heel to toe. The Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas is made with recycled material, features the industry leader Stealth Rubber and has an impact resistant toe box. You know, for those tight sections that are a little tighter than you thought.

The Freerider Pro Canvas uses yarn in upper contains at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic (“upcycled” plastic repurposed prior to ending up in the ocean) and 50% recycled polyester.

Learn more about Parley Ocean Plastic and Adidas partnership here (opens in new tab)

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BikeCo Tacticle Scale - Durometer Surface Tension Damping rating

Five Ten Stealth Rubber Sole, BikeCo Tactile Scale:


BikeCo Tactile Scae: Durometer, Surface Tension, Damping.

Durometer: smaller number “softer” rubber
Surface Tension: “tack” or “stick” resistance to movement under a vertical load. Larger number = more “tack”
Damping: Amount of energy absorbed on first bounce of drop test. Larger number = more damping (or smaller rebound)

Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas: Dgh Solid Grey/Grey Three/Acid Mint

from Adidas’ Five-Ten site:

Ride more. Hang out more. The adidas Five Ten Freerider Pro Canvas Mountain Bike Shoes are as capable on the bike as they are comfortable post ride. An impact-resistant toe box and pedal-gripping Dotty tread with Stealth® S1™ rubber give them their bike cred. A cushioned midsole and casual look keep them versatile for on and off your bike.

Five-Ten Freerider Pro Canvas Features:

This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to end plastic waste.

Stealth® S1 Dotty rubber outsole is size-specific for maximum grip on and off the pedal.

Three-layer reinforced toe box adds impact resistance.

Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas Technical Details:

Regular fit
Lace closure
Quick-dry synthetic upper
Impact-resistant PORON® toe box
OrthoLite® sockliner
EVA midsole
Stealth® S1 Dotty rubber outsole
Yarn in upper contains at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic  and 50% recycled polyester
Product color: Dgh Solid Grey / Grey Three / Acid Mint

Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas stealth sole

Want to learn a bit more about the Parley Ocean Plastic, or Adidas Sustainability (including a program to recycle old gear) or learn about options to minimize microplastics entering the water system? Click here for a quick “when your social media post goes down a rabbit hole” blog…

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