Fox 26mm Socket, Chamferless Top Cap Socket

Fox 26mm Socket, Chamferless Top Cap Socket

The Fox Fork Topcap Socket is designed specifically for removing fork topcaps

Estimated mid-June availability.

Note the socket shape is designed apply pressure to the flats, not the edges of the assembly.


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Add a Fox 26mm Socket to your tool kit for faster, cleaner fork services. The Fox 26mm Socket is chamferless and designed to contact the flats, not corners of the top cap.

The Fox 26mm Socket is used for air and damper top caps for the Fox 32 as well as 34 forks.

Fox 32mm Sockets are used for Fox Float 36 air caps as well as the RC2 damper top cap.

Newer Grip2 top caps utilize a 28mm socket.

Fox Shox Fork Topcap Socket, 26mm, 3/8 Drive

Designed specifically for removing fork topcaps, the non chamfered edge gives a precise, slip free contact to the shallow topcap, eliminating damage to your fork. The knurled edge of the socket allows for tight grip and it fits on any standard 3/8″ socket driver.

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Fox Suspension 28mm Socket Fork Top Cap 3-8 Drive

Fox 28mm Chamferless Socket for GRIP2 damper top cap

Fox Suspension 32mm Socket Fork Top Cap 3-8 Drive
Fox 32mm Chamferless Socket for Fox 36 fork air top caps and RC2 damper top caps