FOX 350PSI Digital Shock Pump


FOX 350psi Digital Shock Pump

The Fox Digital Shock Pump is the perfect shock pump to make sure that you suspension is dialed at all times.

This is the new higher pressure 350PSI model for 2021.

FOX Digital Shock Pump PN:



FOX 350psi Digital Shock Pump

Updates on the new FOX 350psi Digital Shock Pump include the 50psi higher maximum capacity as well as the swivel mounted head.

Fox Shock Pump Swivel Head


A well-dialed suspension system is key to happy trails. Too soft, and the bike will be a sloppy, floppy mess under you; too firm, and it’ll rock your kidneys like a speed bag. FOX Racing Shox’s Digital HP Shock Pump brings the power of science to bear on the problem of hitting the sweet spot between mush and crush, helping to ensure that you can set it and forget it every time.

A shock pump that helps ensure your squishy bits are dialed

Digital precision means you’ll always be right where you want to

Spans zero to 350 PSI in half-unit increments

Replaceable battery eliminates the need to keep track of external charging cords

Fox Shox High Pressure Digital Pump Tech Specs

Max Pressure: 350 PSI

Deflate: Yes

Recommended Use: mountain bike, maintenance

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year limited

Do you take setup seriously?
Add a Topeak SmartGauge D2 Digital Pressure Gauge to your tool kit.
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Learn how to pre-charge the pump to better equalize the air spring and pump line in this video & blog.

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FOX PN: 027-00-018

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