FOX 36 & 38 Mud Guard

FOX 36 & 38 Mud Guard fits FOX 36 and 38 forks

The FOX Mud Guard mounts cleanly to the FOX 36 and 28 forks year 2021 on (forks with bleed ports on lowers)

FOX 36 Mud Guard, FOX 38 Mud Guard Part Number:


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FOX 36 & 38 Mud Guard

Help keep mud and muck away from your seals and foam rings with this FOX Mud Guard designed for 36 and 38 forks. Designed by FOX for clean mounting utilizing existing features on your 2021 or newer FOX 36 or 38 (lowers with bleed ports).

FOX 38 Mudguard FRS 803-01-441
FOX 36 Mudguard FRS 803-01-441

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