FOX Shock Pump 350 psi


FOX Shock Pump 350psi

The Fox Shox Analog Suspension pump is easy to use and will help you to keep your suspension dialed. The revised FOX Shock Pump is capable of 350psi for modern suspension setup.

FOX HP Shock Pump Part Number

FRS 027-00-017


FOX Shock Pump 350 psi

Fox, the market leader in shocks, offers a reliable shock pump with a 300psi gauge that has the requisite rotating hose and screw-on Schrader valve. Plunger-style pump handle fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It features the great Fox logo.

Fox Shock Pump: Features

Recommended Use: Keeping your suspension at the perfect pressure

Max Pressure: 350 PSI

Valve Type: Schrader


FOX HP Shock Pump Part Number

FRS 027-00-017

Looking for an even more precise setup?

Learn how to pre-charge the pump to better equalize the air spring and pump line in this video & blog.

Check out the Fox Shox High Pressure Digital Shock Pump

Fox Shox High Pressure Digital Pump Shock 2

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