Hand-built Wheels i9 Hydra Boost, 6 Bolt Blue

Hand-built Wheels: i9 Hydra Hubset, Boost Spacing, 6 bolt in Blue

We have a variety of the best hand-built wheels available based around the Industry Nine Hydra Classic hubs.

In-stock wheels are typically turned around in 5-9 business days. We show our in-stock hubs and rims available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact our team for availability and timelines!

Note: if you’re looking for carbon options NOX rims have a fairly quick turn-around, chat with our team for details.


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Handbuilt Wheels: Industry Nine Hydra, Blue, Boost, XD driver

The i9 Hydra hub has become a go to for demanding MTB riders. Produced domestically in Asheville, NC the Hydra hub is available in a variety of colors to accent your build.

The Industry Nine Hydra freehub engages every 0.52 degrees. It features 690 points of engagement from a 6 pawl, 6 phase drive and a 115 tooth drivering. The elimination of lash or buildup to the freehub also improves the hubs service life.

Another popular feature of the Hydra hubs is their ability to be services without proprietary tooling making it easier for home mechanics to get back on trail.

i9 Hydra Front Hub Details:

Hub Drilling: 32
Hub/Brake Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc
Color: Blue
Spoke Interface: J-Bend
Front Axle: 15mm Thru x 110mm
Center to Flange, Left: 27
Bearing Type: Sealed Cartridge
Center to Flange, Right: 42
Flange Diameter, Right: 45
Defined Color: Black
Flange Diameter, Left: 58
Weight: 165

Industry Nine Hydra Classic Front Hub – 15x110mm Boost, 6-Bolt, Part Number:

i9 Hydra Rear Hub Details:

Hub Drilling: 32
Bearing Type: Sealed Cartridge
Center to Flange, Right: 25
Color: Blue
Hub/Brake Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc

Cassette Body Type: SRAM XD 11/12 Speed
Industry Nine Hydra Classic Rear Hub – 12x148mm Boost, 6-Bolt, XD Driver:

Cassette Body Type: Shimano MicroSpline 12sp
Industry Nine Hydra Classic Rear Hub – 12x148mm Boost, 6-Bolt, MS Driver:

Spoke Interface: J-Bend
Center to Flange, Left: 38
Flange Diameter, Right: 60
Defined Color: Black
Flange Diameter, Left: 58
Rear Axle: 12mm Thru x 148mm
Weight: 299

Popular Aluminum Rim Choices

Our hand-built Hydra wheels can be built with a variety of popular rims. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact our team for details on availability and pricing!

These aluminum favorites are typically in stock for quick delivery. Interested in carbon options from NOX, RideFast or ENVE? Chat with our team today.

Rim Width Choices

Rim width will change overall tire volume and shape.

30mm rims are popular to setup 2.3-2.6 tires.

The wider 35mm internal tend to be for riders in the 2.4 and bigger range.

With the wider internal the tire volume is increased, allowing for lower riding PSI however the tire is a bit “flattened”. Narrower tires may find that the cornering knobs become a bit too vertical compromising some lean in angle.

RideFast Racing LocoMoto Profile

RideFast Racing: Locomoto

Internal Width: 30mm
Outer Width: 35mm
Drilling: 32h, Symmetrical
eMTB Approved: Yes
Weight: 27.5 – 590g, 29 – 620g

WTB KOM Tough i30 Rim Profile

WTB: KOM Tough i30

Internal Width: 30mm
Drilling: 32h, Symmetrical
Weight: 27.5 – 570g, 29 – 605g
29″ WTB KOM Tough i30 Part Number: W020-0612
27.5″ WTB KOM Tough i30 Part Number: W020-0611

WTB KOM Tough i35 Rim Profile

WTB: KOM Tough i35

Internal Width: 35mm
Drilling: 32h, Symmetrical
Weight: 27.5 – 594g, 29 – 610g
29″ WTB KOM Tough i35 Part Number: W020-0570
27.5″ WTB KOM Tough i35 Part Number: W020-0569

NOX Carbon Rims Farlow Enduro / Trail Layup

NOX Carbon: Farlow Trail / Enduro Layup

Internal Width: 29mm
Drilling: 32h, Asymmetrical
Offset: 2.6mm
Weight: 29 – 470g
Rider Weight Limit: None

DT Swiss Spokes & Nipples

Spokes & Nipples

We work with DT Swiss spokes and nipples for a variety of reasons.

Most notably, DT Swiss has unmatched quality control checks and balances which produce the most consistent spokes batch to batch of any manufacturer.

Nearly all of our wheels are currently built with DT Swiss Competition spokes.

We avoid hand-building wheels with bladed spokes for off-road use. The weight and / or aero savings are negligible in MTB use and unlike full radius spokes bladed spokes have an inherent stress riser in the shape making them more likely to damage from rock strikes, etc.

3 Cross vs 2 Cross

We offer both 2 and 3 cross lacing patterns.

Depending on your size, riding style, goals and applications you may find 2 or 3 cross your preference.

2 cross spoke lacing MTB wheel build

2 Cross Spoke Lacing

Called 2 cross as each spoke crosses two others. 2 cross lacing produces a bit more of a rigid, responsive build.

3 cross spoke lacing MTB wheel build

3 Cross Spoke Lacing

Each spoke crosses three others. 3 cross lacing adds a bit more compliance to the wheel build.

That compliance will generally increase your bike’s traction. The added compliance also helps reduce stresses on the spokes increasing the wheel build’s service window.

Most riders will prefer the 3 cross’ advantage of better traction and longer service life.

2x vs 3x spoke weight examples

3 Cross vs 2 Cross

Some of the other considerations in 3 cross vs 2 cross spoke patterns are the actual spoke length.

2 cross patterns use shorter spokes overall, but how much weight savings does that really equate to?

The image above shows 10 284mm spokes compared to 10 of the 3 cross’ 294mm spokes. You can see the weight saving isn’t as much as you might think.

If there is a 4g difference in 10 spokes you come out to just under 13g across 32 spokes on a wheel. In pounds? about 0.0287.

So, if the weight isn’t a factor it really comes down compliance and longevity.

Still have questions? Chat with our team about the details. (truth told, I really never did the research for myself – the guys asked my weight, knew what I rode and I’ve ridden 3 cross ever since!)

Popular DT Swiss Nipple Colors

DT Swiss Nipples

We offer DT Swiss nipples in a variety of colors and layouts to accent your new hand-built wheels.

Typical layouts are: All the same, Every Other, Timing Nipple Accents (the nipple on either side of the valve stem) or Timing Quadrants (like timing except at 90 degrees from each other)

*note: nipple availability has been an issue – if your desired color option is not available at time of order our team will be in touch with options.

valve stem color options for hand-built wheels black, red, blue, orange, iridescent, turqouise, green

Rim Tape & Valve Stems

All hand-built BikeCo wheels include tubeless rim tape and valve stems.

Muc-Off V2 valve stems are available in a wide range of colors to accent your build and are compatible with a variety of rim protection options.

*note: in the event of product availability issues we may substitute CushCore valve stems or contact you about other options.

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Blue, Boost, 6 Bolt

Rear Shock: Imp Eye
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i9 Hydra Driver Options

SRAM XD 12sp, Shimano MicroSpline 12sp


29" RideFast LocoMoto, 27.5" RideFast LocoMoto, Mullet RideFast LocoMoto, 29" WTB KOM Tough i35, 27.5" WTB KOM Tough i35, Mullet WTB KOM Tough i35, 29" WTB KOM Tough i30, 27.5" WTB KOM Tough i30, Mullet WTB KOM Tough i30, 29" NOX Farlow Trail/Enduro