Tech 3 X2 Brake

The Hope Tech 3 X2 is perfect for all XC and light freeride applications. Designed with the ability to easily be adjusted, the Hope Tech 3 X2 provides a phenomenal blend of power for it’s weight.

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Hope Tech 3 X2 Disc Brake

Ready for a life spent on the trail, the Hope X2 TECH3 Disc Brake combo provides all the stopping power you need for almost any situation. Perfect for all XC and light freeride applications, the Hope X2 TECH3 is a phenomenal blend of power, low weight, and adjustability.

One of the most convenient features of the Hope TECH3 lever is how it integrates with the handlebars. The TECH3 lever features a split clamp design, making it easy to install or remove without having to remove anything else from your bars. Hope takes convenience and simplicity of cockpit organization a step further by designing the TECH3 lever to be directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec type shifter. For riders who prefer SRAM shifters, a simple direct mount adapter is available.

The X2 caliper is a slimline caliper that optimizes the very latest COSMOSWorks FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to reduce unnecessary weight, improve aesthetics, and create a high performance partnership with the TECH3 Lever. The caliper is machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminum alloy as well as utilizes an increased piston diameter that generates more usable braking force on the rotor. A drip free bleed nipple and wide angle orientation of the fluid inlet connector have also been added, allowing for neater hose routing and cleaner servicing.


Key Features

Rigid CNC’d one piece caliper

Increased piston diameter

Tech 3 lever offers 5% more power compared to our previous lever

Ergonomic design to fit around other handle bar items

The Tech 3 lever is directly compatible with Shimano I-Spec shifters

Complete brake available in Black, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue and Silver

Choose either standard or braided hose (braided hose is an extra cost)


Tech 3 X2 Tech Specs

The Tech 3 X2 brake takes the performance of the award winning Mini and sheds a few more precision grams without compromising on power and modulation

Tech 3 lever offers genuine bite point and reach adjustment without tools

Uses post mount, 9.74 caliper with adapters to suit all mount options

CNC machined from 2014 T6 aluminium alloy

Wide angle hose connector mount

Top entry pad fitting

Shimano I-Spec A shifters can be fitted directly to lever body. Separate direct mounts also available for Shimano I Spec 2 & Sram shifters

Finished with black anodizing for durability

Available to fit 140, 160,180, 183, 200 as well as 203mm rotors

Weight from: 249g (standard hose), 287g (braided hose)


*Actual product color may vary from image

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