HT AE05 Evo+ Pedals


HT AE05 Evo Pedals

One of the most popular flat pedals the HT AE05 EVO pedals offer excellent shape and traction. Read on for more details on the HT AE05 Dimension and Contact Patch

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HT AE05 EVO+ Pedal Dimensions & Contact Patch

The HT AE05 EVO+ pedals have a 100mm wide platform contact patch that is approximately 96.5mm long.

The forward lateral support measures about 10mm longer than comparing the rear lateral to the axle centerline.

Like most HT pedals the AE05 EVO+ are notably narrow on the axle measuring just over 11mm. The pedal body slopes down before coming back up at the lateral supports.

Add the traction pin height and the AE05 EVO+ is one of the more concave HT pedals.

HT AE05 Evo+ Pedal Details

Evo series features ultra-thin body for improved ground clearance, reduced Q-factor and a lower center of gravity. AE05 features a reinforced body and a more concave shape

Extruded, CNC machined aluminum body with dual DU bushings and EVO bearings

10 replaceable pins per side

Platform dimensions: 100 x 96 x 17mm

spindle: CrMo
size: 9/16″
weight: 360g

HT AE05 EVO Plus Pedals Weight

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