Ibis: Carbon Mullet 29F / 27.5R S35 35mm Inner / 32h 865g


Ibis S35 Carbon: 35mm Internal

Mullet Setup
29″ Front

27.5″ Rear

Published Weight: 865g

Ibis S35 Carbon Rims provide great power transfer while being a relatively compliant carbon rim for great traction.

Ibis’ wide 35mm internal provides large tire volume for lower PSI and max traction. Ideal for 2.4-2.8″ tires.

Available: Approx 2 Weeks to Build / Ship

Available for Pre-Order

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Ibis S35 Carbon Rim (Pair) for BikeCo Custom Wheel Builder

This product is used for the custom wheel builder!

Ibis S35 Carbon Rims

Inner Width: 35mm
External Width: 41mm

29″ – 604mm
275.” – 566mm

32h drilling with 5mm spoke offset

Published Weight (from Ibis’s site):
29″ – 445g
27.5″ – 420g

Color: Black w/ Gray Logo

Ibis S35 Carbon Rim for BikeCo Custom Wheel Builder

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Mullet 29/27.5