Ibis Mojo 4
130mm, 27.5″


Ibis Mojo 4 Frame – 130mm DW Travel designed to pair with 140mm fork

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Ibis Mojo 4 Frame

The Ibis Mojo 4 Frame is a 130mm travel 27.5″ trail and light enduro category carbon fiber offering.

Designed with DW (Dave Weagle) suspension the Mojo 4 is a more confident, planted mid travel 27.5″ capable of handling terrain bigger than its travel would suggest.

Ibis’ listed geo chart is based on a 140mm fork although some riders may prefer 150mm 27.5″ or even 29″ mullet configurations.

Ibis Mojo 4 Mullet Builds

BikeCo.com offers several upgrade options for the Ibis Mojo 4. One of the most popular is the Mojo 4 Mullet Build.

Mullet bikes feature a 29″ front wheel in place of the stock 27.5″.  The larger wheel provides several positive personality shifts for the Mojo 4.

With a longer tire contact patch the 29″ wheel provides notably improved braking. The larger diameter combo also helps mellow steering input adding confidence in high consequence corners.

Riders aggressively attacking steep trails will find the smaller 27.5″ rear wheel changes direction quicker than a 29/29 bike. The smaller diameter also means less, ah, tire to shorts contact when you put the bike in the air…

There are a pair of popular travel concepts when you mullet a bike and both involve using a lower travel fork than the stock 27.5″.

Since the 29″ wheel produces a level of “false suspension” with improved roll over angles the choice becomes how much of a travel reduction your riding style will benefit from.

At BikeCo we’ve been working with 29″ forks that don’t shift a mullet bike’s axle to crown very much. This keeps the geometry closer to the standard design and keeps a bike’s personality closer to the manufacturer’s design.

Think that a mullet Mojo 4 is for you? Chat with our team about your riding goals, terrain, etc and we will help you define the best setup for your new mullet Mojo 4.

FOX Float Factory DPS

Air Spring & Volume Spacers

The Ibis Mojo uses a 210 x 50mm shock, spec’d with the Fox Float Factory DPS.

SAG is adjusted by PSI – typically trail riding styles gravitate to 25-30% sag. This would measure about 12.5mm for a plush setup and 15mm for a more firm setup.

Volume Spacers

Volume spacing provides fine tuning options to support the air spring.

By changing to a larger volume spacer, thus reducing the volume, you increase the air spring’s ramp rate for improved bottom out support and pop.

Conversely smaller volume spacers produces a more linear feel as the air has more volume during shock compression per mm of travel.

Do not install more or larger volume spacers than the manufacturer advises. Installing more than the maximum volume spacers will result in  product damage and potential for injuries, etc.

FOX Factory DPS Rebound Control


The DPS provides a rebound control with 11 clicks of adjustment.

Heavier riders will use more rebound control than lighter riders to slow the air spring’s return to neutral.

As your ground speeds increase it is common to allow your bike to rebound more quickly to prepare for the next terrain feature and avoid suspension packing from slow rebound setup.

Fox Factory DPS Compression Open Adjust and 3 position switch

FOX Float Factory DPS Compression Controls

The Fox Float Factory DPS shock provides two controls to help fine tune compression.

First is the blue 3 position switch which adjusts from Firm, Mid and Open. Also known as a “climb switch” the use of this is dependent on rider style, preference and terrain.

Fine tuning the low speed compression can be accomplished in the Open mode by adjusting the black dial located around the circumference of the blue 3 position switch.

3 settings are available with “1” being the most plus and “3” the most firm.

Ibis Mojo 4 Frame Geometry



Mojo 4 Frame Geometry Chart  (mm)
Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A: 360 368 419 470
Top Tube Length B: 580 603 632 666
Head Tube Length C: 109 126 142 158
Chainstay Length D: 425 425 425 425
Seattube Angle D: 76.6° 76.6° 76.6° 76.6°
Head Tube Angle F: 65.4° 65.4° 65.4° 65.4°
Wheelbase G: 1166 1193 1225 1262
Bottom Bracket Height 340 340 340 340
Stack 586 601 616 630
Reach 440 460 485 515
Trail 123 123 123 123
Standover 680 690 720 742
Saddle height for seat tube angle 640 690 760 810

BikeCo is here to help you whether you’re shopping frame only, factory builds, factory spec with upgrades or a complete custom spec.

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension

You’ve decided the Ibis Mojo 4 is the frame for you and want to take it’s performance to the next level? Personalize the Fox Suspension’s performance with a BikeCo Pro Tune. Click on the Pro Tune tab to learn in what sets BikeCo’s custom tuned suspension apart!

BikeCo Frame Prep

All frame, frame kit as well as complete purchases receive a thorough BikeCo Frame Prep.  Riding a bike without appropriate bearing retention, torque and alignment is hard on components. As a result “loose” bikes not only make noise but will also wear prematurely. BikeCo’s expert mechanics go through each chassis ensuring that suspension, bearings, and hardware are setup for maximum performance as well as longevity. Many home builders have a full frame assembly completed by BikeCo mechanics to ensure the best setup, in brief headsets, bottom brackets, suspension, derailleur hangers, etc are gone through piece by piece.

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