Ibis Ripmo
147mm, 29″


Ibis Ripmo Frame – 29″ wheel, 147mm DW Travel designed to pair with 160mm or 170mm fork

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Available Factory options: Bug Zapper Blue or Star Destroyer Grey colors, S-M-L-XL sizing, and with a FOX Float X2 or DVO Jade X Coil (-$200). 

Special Order Product: ETA may vary

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Ibis Ripmo Frame

The Ibis Ripmo Frame is the starting point for a wide range of builds. With 147mm of DW Suspension this is a bike capable of the biggest, burliest, fastest trails you can throw at it.

Ripmo Frame Details:

Frame Material: Carbon front and rear triangle
Wheel Size: 29” / up to 2.6″ tires
Front Travel: 160mm stock, 170mm option
Rear Travel: 147mm
Shock Specs: 210 x 55mm
Boost Axles: 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm
Rear Brake: Post mount / 203mm max rotor
Chainstay Length: 435mm
Bottom Bracket: Threaded (73mm BSA)
Chainline: 52mm chainline, 168mm Q Factor
ISCG 05 Compatible: Optional removable adapter
Headset: ZS44 upper / ZS56 lower
Colors: Bug Zapper Blue or Star Destroyer Grey
Sizes: S / M / L / XL
Frame Warranty: 7 years

Ibis Ripmo Fork Travel Options

160mm Ibis Ripmo

The Ripmo is spec’d with a 160mm FOX 38. This provides the bike with it’s stock 64.9 degree headtube angle and 341mm bottom bracket height.

Riders looking for a little more aggressive setup may investigate the 170mm option.

170mm Ibis Ripmo

Perhaps more than the additional 6% of travel the 10mm adds are the geometry modifications. Raising the front of the Ripmo will slacken the headtube, increase the trail measurement and slightly lift the bottom bracket.

These are popular shifts for riders attacking the steepest, burliest terrain.

Wondering which is right for you? Chat with our team today and we’ll help you define which riders benefit from which travel setup.

Learn more about the Ibis Ripmo’s FOX Float Factory X2 adjustments

Air Spring & Volume Spacers

The Ibis Ripmo uses a 210 x 55mm shock.

The spec’d Fox Float Factory X2 is the most popular based on its wide variety of setup options.

SAG is adjusted by PSI – typically Enduro riding styles gravitate to 25-30% sag. This would measure about 17mm for a plush setup.

Volume Spacers

Volume spacing provides fine tuning options to support the air spring.

By adding volume spacers, thus reducing the volume, you increase the air spring’s ramp rate for improved bottom out support and pop.

Conversely removing volume spacers produces a more linear feel as the air has more volume during shock compression per mm of travel.

Do not install more volume spacers than the FOX advises. Installing more than the maximum volume spacers will result in  product damage and potential for injuries, etc.

Low and High Speed Rebound Positions on FOX Float X2

FOX FLOAT X2 Rebound Controls

The X2 rear shock provides both Low (LSR) and High (HSR) rebound controls.

The addition of the High Speed or HSR control provides increased rebound control to account for the higher PSI produced by aggressive or heavier riders.

Typically riders will adjust LSR, Low Speed Rebound, to suit riding style and taste and refer to FOX’s guide for the appropriate HSR, High Speed Rebound, pairing.

Low Speed Rebound is located near the Compression Controls and 2 position switch. High Speed Rebound adjustments are made on the opposite end of the shock near the eyelet.

High and Low Speed Compression Controls on FOX X2

FOX X2 Compression Controls

The FOX X2 provides Low and High speed compression controls to fine tune support as well as a 2 position OPEN or FIRM switch..

Compression circuits hydraulically damp (or slow) the fork’s input assisting the air spring in providing appropriate mid-stroke and bottom out feel.

Low Speed Compression helps provide mid-stroke support. This allows a bike to ride taller in the travel in cornering while resisting brake dive, rider weight shift and other slow shaft speed inputs.

High Speed Compression works to fine tune bottom out feel as well as other high shaft speed inputs also known as square edge bumps. Example: if you sprint straight into a curb you’re likely to engage the High Speed Compression even if you’re not using full travel. This is due to the speed of the shaft moving oil to compensate for the hit.

The FOX X2 provides 16 clicks of Low Speed Compression adjustment as well as 8 clicks of High Speed Compression controls.

Ibis Ripmo Geometry

Find all the Ripmo Geometry details on the Ripmo Geo Chart tab or use our interactive size comparison to easily compare bottom bracket, wheelbase, reach and stack between the Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Ibis Ripmo.

Ibis Ripmo Frame Geometry Chart



Ripmo Frame Geometry Chart  (mm)
Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A: 368 406 432 483
Top Tube Length B: 573 603 632 655
Head Tube Length C: 90 100 110 120
Chainstay Length D: 435 435 435 435
Seattube Angle D: 77° 77° 77° 77°
Head Tube Angle F: 64.9° 64.9° 64.9° 64.9°
Wheelbase G: 1187 1219 1238 1267
Bottom Bracket Height 341 341 341 341
Stack 609 619 628 640
Reach 433 460 475 500
Trail 114 114 114 114
Standover 703 733 740 752
Saddle height for seat tube angle 650 720 750 807

Compare Ibis Ripmo Geometry

Using this form you can easily compare bottom bracket height, wheelbase, reach and stack between various sizes and models.
Data is displayed above selections, under the overlay graphic.

BikeCo is here to help you whether you’re shopping frame only, factory builds, factory spec with upgrades or a complete custom spec.

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension

You’ve decided the Ibis Ripmo is the frame for you and want to take it’s performance to the next level? Personalize the Fox Suspension’s performance with a BikeCo Pro Tune. Read about BikeCo Pro Tunes to learn in what sets BikeCo’s custom tuned suspension apart!

BikeCo Frame Prep

All frame, frame kit as well as complete purchases receive a thorough BikeCo Frame Prep.  Riding a bike without appropriate bearing retention, torque and alignment is hard on components. As a result “loose” bikes not only make noise but will also wear prematurely. BikeCo’s expert mechanics go through each chassis ensuring that suspension, bearings, and hardware are setup for maximum performance as well as longevity. Many home builders have a full frame assembly completed by BikeCo mechanics to ensure the best setup, in brief headsets, bottom brackets, suspension, derailleur hangers, etc are gone through piece by piece.

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