Maxxis Aggressor 29×2.3 EXO Dual


Details on Agressor 29×2.3 EXO Dual Compound:

Size: 29×2.3″
Compound: Dual Compound
Technology: EXO

Threads Per Inch: 60
Manufacturer Part Number: TB96882000

Other 29″ Aggressor Options
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Maxxis Aggressor 29×2.3 EXO, Dual Compound

The Maxxis Aggressor has become a go-to for fast rolling rear tire options. Aggressor’s stand apart with a fast rolling center section and complimented with more aggressive cornering lugs than other fast rolling options.

Center lugs feature sipes to provide additional braking as well as cornering grip. Every other cornering lug features a similar offset to the DHF and DHR ii tires for improved edge grip.

The Maxxis Aggressor is typically seen as a rear tire paired to a Minion DHF front.

Details on Aggressor 29×2.3 EXO Dual Compound:

Size: 29×2.3″

Compound: Dual Compound

Technology: EXO

Threads Per Inch: 60

Mounting Max PSI: 60 (be wary of your rim’s max psi when mounting)
Typical Riding PSI: Depending on weight of rider, aggressiveness, rim protection and terrain 20-27 psi.

Manufacturer Part Number: TB96882000
UPC: 4717784031422

Other Aggressor 29″Configurations

– Aggressor 29×2.3 EXO, Dual Compound : this page
2.3″ Aggressor DD DoubleDown, Dual Compound

2.5″ Aggressor EXO, Dual Compound
2.5″ Aggressor DD DoubleDown, Dual Compound

More on Maxxis Tires:

Maxxis 3C Compounds

A hard compound or base layer supports a medium compound center tread section as well as a softer outer tread section of the tire. The softer cornering lugs provide additional grip at lean angles. The harder center section is faster rolling and longer lasting for those climbs before your favorite descents. Each 3C layup has three different layers of rubber compound utilized in varying depths.

3C tires are available in three different layups.

MaxxSpeed: is the fastest rolling and longest lasting of the 3C lineup. It accomplishes this with slightly harder rubber giving up a bit of grip.

MaxxTerra: the intermediate option designed to offer more grip than the MaxxSpeed but is longer lasting with less rolling resistance than MaxxGrip options.

MaxxGrip: this 3C option is the stickiest layup. Along with the additional grip the rubber utilized in MaxxGrip tires also has damping properties to help control tire rebound. This adds a bit more confidence to your setup.

Sidewall Technologies

Various reinforcement options are available on modern MTB tires. These help minimize pinch flats and sidewall tears. Depending on speed, terrain and level of aggression riders have a variety to choose from. Recently more and more riders gravitate to the more burly sidewall technology as provides additional damping to help control tire rebound.

Maxxis Sidewall Definitions: EXO, EXO and DoubleDown

EXO Sidewall: these tires feature a cut resistant material from the bead up the sidewall just below the cornering knobs. This additional layer is designed to be lightweight and flexible giving the tires a bit of support without compromising performance.

EXO Sidewall: As the name suggests this is the EXO sidewall plus an additional Silkshield layer stretched from bead to bead. Without adding too much weight this additional layer does provide notable improvement to tire damping and cut protection.

DoubleDown (DD) Sidewall: Want even more protection and trail damping? Check out the DoubleDown option.  Build with two 120 TPI casing layers with a butyl insert these offer the support and protection of a downhill tire but save a bit of weight on the scales!

TPI: Threads Per Inch

60 and 120 TPI comparison Maxxis MTB Tires

60 TPI shown on the left, 120 TPI on the right.

120 TPI provides improved performance and protection but is a bit heavier.

Have questions? No problem. Chat, call or email and our team will help you choose the right tire for your riding.

Maxxis Aggressor 29×2.3 EXO Dual Compound: TRMAX9950 2.3

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