Aggressor 29×2.5″ EXO
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Maxxis Aggressor 29×2.5″ Inventory Updated 2/24/21

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Maxxis Aggressor 29×2.5″ 3C, EXO , TR, 60tpi

White Label: These are white label take off tires from OEM Ibis Ripley AF Builds.

Limited quantity!

Maxxis Aggressor 29×2.5 EXO, Dual Compound

The Maxxis Aggressor has become a go-to for fast rolling rear tire options. Aggressor’s stand apart with a fast rolling center section and complimented with more aggressive cornering lugs than other fast rolling options.

Center lugs feature sipes to provide additional braking as well as cornering grip. Every other cornering lug features a similar offset to the DHF and DHR ii tires for improved edge grip.

The Maxxis Aggressor is typically seen as a rear tire paired to a Minion DHF front.

Details on Aggressor 29×2.5 EXO Dual Compound:

Size: 29×2.5″

Compound: Dual Compound

Technology: EXO

Threads Per Inch: 60

BikeCo PN: TRMAX9950 2.5WT OEM

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