Moon Meteor Vortex Pro 1300 Lumens

Moon Meteor Vortex Pro Cycling Light 1300 Lumens

Simple, compact and reliable. Moon night riding lights offer great performance and price. Learn more about the Moon Meteor Vortex Pro below.
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Moon Meteor Vortex Pro 1300 Lumens Light Features:

  • New control button
  • Variable Lumen System VLS
  • Lock system
  • 1 CREE XM-L2 high brightness LED
  • CNC Aluminum heat sink light cap
  • Mode memory function
  • Day flash mode
  • Boost mode, 2 steady modes, 3 flashing modes, SOS mode
  • Quick release rechargeable Lithium ion battery (3.7V 3350 mAh)
  • Quick release universal bracket (fits all round and AERO style bars)
  • Mode indicator
  • Low battery, charging and fully charged indicator
  • Automatic fully charged cut-off system
  • High precision optical lens
  • Side visibility
  • Recharge time (2A:3:30hrs / 0.5A:5:30hrs)
  • Water Resistance (IPX 4)

Moon Meteor Vortex Pro Runtime

Boost 1300 Lumen – 2:15
Mode 1 750 Lumen – 3:00
Mode 2 120 Lumen – 32:00

Moon Variable Lumen System VLS

Adjust the brightness, and therefor the runtime of your Moon light using the VLS Variable Lumen System.

Select the desired mode. Press and hold the Power button to adjust brightness. Release the power button at the desired lumen setting.

VLS on the Meteor Vortex Pro adjusts from 750 – 20 Lumens with runtime variable from 3:00 – 120:00

Included with Moon Meteor Vortex Pro Light:

  • RB-25 (Handlebar bracket)
  • RB-16 (Helmet bracket)
  • USB-WP (Water resistant USB cable)
  • LX-BAT-3350 (LG Lithium ion battery 3350 mAh)
  • USB-RM-350 (USB remote control 350 mm)
  • LX-BC (Magnetic Cover)

MTB Night Riding

Riding at night is popular for a wide range of reasons.

During the winter it’s tough to sneak out before the sun goes down making your late afternoon / early evening rides with friends tough without lights. In the midst of the summer heat night riding allows you to escape the oven like temperatures. And while these are good reasons, they’re not really the best reasons for night riding.

Adventure: even trails you know like the back of your hand are a different animal at night. As much as we all love traveling to new destinations the reality is we spend most of the time on our local trails. Trails that allow night riding provide a new, different experience – including typically some amazing views along the way.

One of the benefits of night riding is the improvement to your riding skills. Riding at night with lights you’re forced to learn to let the bike “work” as you can’t really view each minute detail and worry about it. It teaches you to be loose on the bike allowing it to move underneath you while finding the critical spots to “catch” it for direction changes and whatnot.

A light on your helmet is quite the visual marker of where you’re actually looking on trail. Looking down trail is critical – keep your head up and light up! If you’ve been riding within your skillset your bike should be able to handle what’s happening and imminently going to happen. You should be concerned with setting up that next section. Having the beam of light “tattle” on your line of sight is a good reminder to look downtrail.

It’s important to remember to ride in your comfortable skillset at night. Help might be a longer wait so it’s also good to have an extra layer and some basic tools for trail fixes. Riding with friends and having a couple extra meetups helps keep everyone in a tighter group and accounted for.

Some of my favorite memories are night rides on San Juan Trail in the Ortegas. Something about being the only ones out, having a blast with your buddies and understanding the darkness of the wilderness versus the city (its funny how much farther the lights seem to be away at night than when you ride the same trail during the day!) – Night riding is an amazing adventure.

Personally I ride with one light on my helmet and one light on my handlebars. This helps maintain a bit more shadow on the trail to keep it from “whiting out” so to say. The greater lumen light should be on the handlebars while the lighter, smaller light is a good helmet mount option.

Enjoy the adventure!

Moon Meteor Vortex Pro

Add the larger 1700 lumen dual beam Moon Meteor Storm for a handlebar light

Moon Meteor Storm Cycling Light Included in Box

Add the Moon RB-28 Light Adapter for Go-Pro Mounts

Moon RB-28 Light Adapter for Go-Pro Mount

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