MTB Drivetrain Replacement Kits

MTB Drivetrain Replacement Kits

BikeCo’s MTB Drivetrain Replacement Kits allow you to spec the perfect Chainring, Chain and Cassette for your riding.


Choose your rear hub driver and applicable cassettes will display. Then choose your crank type for chainrings.


Questions? Feel free to chat, email or call and we will help you pick the best SRAM, Shimano, RaceFace and Wolf Tooth drivetrain components.

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Using’s MTB Drivetrain Replacement Kits you quickly order all the right parts.

Whether you ride 12sp Eagle or Shimano we have you covered.

For the HG Driver we offer the NX PG-1230 Cassette.

XD Driver cassettes include the GX PG-1275, X01 PG-1295, X01 AXS PG-1295, XX1 Gold PG-1299 as well as XX1 AXS Rainbow PG 1299 options.

For the new 12sp Shimano MicroSpline driver choose from SLX CS-M7100, XT CS-M8100 or XTR CS-9100. Shimano cassettes are available in 10-45t or 10-51t options. 10-51t cassettes require a long cage rear derailleur.

Chainrings are available for SRAM Direct Mount (3-bolt), RaceFace Cinch as well as Shimano Direct Mount. BikeCo offers the best selection of the best chainrings. Whether you’re looking for cost-conscious steel options, great for trying new chainring sizes, all the way to the top tier offerings. SRAM, Shimano, RaceFace and Wolf Tooth options available.

Chains for both the new 12sp Shimano HyperGlide + standard as well as 12sp SRAM Eagle are available.

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Tips & Tricks

Remember, when it’s time to replace a worn out drivetrain you should change the Cassette, Chain and Chainring. If you have a lot of miles, or even less, but hard miles on the group they’ve worn in together. Simply replacing a chain on a worn cassette and chainring may actually create worse performance than a “matched” or worn in set. If you are looking to replace just chains you should really watch their wear. Once they wear past about 50% of their life cycle replacing just the chain becomes much more likely to be problematic.

Some issues you will see include not wanting to hold rear cogs, particularly under power. This slipping is noisy, annoying, and may have you spin out in a critical section. Not fun. Worn out chainrings will tend to “hold” the chain. Instead of correctly releasing the chain inline with the bottom rear derailleur pulley the chain hangs up which creates a tick and hinders crisp shifting.

Questions? No problem we’re here to help. Email, Chat or Call and we will get you the right parts for you project!

Other Popular Upgrades when Replacing a Drivetrain

Cable & Housing replacement during drivetrain replacement is very common.

While you have the bike apart it’s a good time to replace that worn BOTTOM BRACKET.

MTB Drivetrain Replacement Kits

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