NOX: Carbon
29″ Kitsuma XC
36mm Inner / 32h

NOX Kitsuma, XC Layup Carbon: 36mm Internal

29″ Front

29″ Rear

Published Weight: 980g

Decal Color Options Available!

The XC/Trail Kitsuma layup is lighter than the Enduro offering, great for lighter riders or those on all day trail adventures.

Kitsuma’s 36mm inner rim width allows for maximum tire volume for low PSI and high traction on tires 2.4″-2.8″.

Available: Approx 3 Weeks to Build / Ship

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NOX Kitsuma XC Carbon Rim (Pair) for BikeCo Custom Wheel Builder

This product is used for the custom wheel builder!

NOX Kitsuma XC Layup Carbon Rims

Inner Width: 36mm

External Width: 42mm

29″ – 586mm
275.” – 548mm

2.5mm Asymmetrical Offset

Published Weight (from NOX’s site):
29″ – 490g
27.5″ – 460g

Color: Black w/ Black Logo (various options available)

NOX Black Carbon Rim for BikeCo Custom Wheel Builder

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