NX 11sp, Drivetrain Service Kit

NX 11sp, Drivetrain Service Kit

It’s time to refresh your NX 11spd Drivetrain. BikeCo has an easy builder that allows you to pick the best cassette, chain, chain ring and add the project finishers for a single stop shopping experience. This builder is based on the NX Cassette and Chain – check out the variety of chain rings available for SRAM Direct Mount, Cinch Direct Mount, 104 BCD and 94 BCD cranks.


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BikeCo’s NX 11sp Drivetrain Service Kit allows riders to pick the best cassette, chain and chain ring for both their riding needs and budget.



(Pictured left to right: XX1, X01, XG-1175, GX, NX)

SRAM 11sp Cassettes share range, 10-42t, as well as cog sizes, 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42, for crisp shifting performance.

The XX1 XG-1199 has a silver colored main body with a black aluminum 42t granny gear.
UPC: 710845713163

X01 XG-1195 features a black body with a matte aluminum 42t ring.
UPC: 710845735349

XG-1175  uses FULL PIN™ technology with ten lightweight, stamped steel cogs and one 42t aluminum cog held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins.
UPC: 710845807893

GX XG-1150 is a black cassette that uses an open design to aid with mud clearance.
UPC: 710845770630

NX PG-1130 is a black cassette that uses a lightly different range of cogs from 11-42t, 11-13-15-17-19-22-25-28-32-36-42.
UPC: 710845782961




PC XX1 11sp specific chain is designed for maximum strength and function which ensures to make sure you get most out of your drivetrain.
UPC: 710845712258

PC X1 Chain is designed specifically for 1x drivetrains.
UPC: 710845759109

PC 1130 Chain is competitively priced and still has most of the strength and all of the shifting performance in comparison to the higher-priced models.
UPC: 710845753374

PC 1110 Chain features the same link geometry as the XX1 with a solid pin design.
UPC: 710845789069

KMC X11 SL Gold chain features a double X-Bridge structure for improved shifting performance.
UPC: 766759711368



BikeCo.com Drivetrain Maintenance Chainrings


(pictured: SRAM Direct Mount X-Sync 2, Race Face Cinch Direct Mount, Wolf Tooth 104 BCD, Wolf Tooth Cinch Direct Mount Oval)

BikeCo works with the best chainrings on the market. The leaders are Wolf Tooth, Race Face and SRAM combining the best performance, longevity, and adaptability. Round and Oval (elliptical) rings are available for SRAM Direct Mount, Race Face Cinch Direct Mount, 104 & 94bcd cranks.


At BikeCo we want to make sure you have everything ready when you dive into your project.

For Drivetrain Service Kits we offer a Cable & Housing package with 1 derailleur cable, 7 feet of cable housing, 2 plastic ferrules and a cable crush fitting. Click this option and be one and done with your drivetrain service!

If you have questions reach out to our expert staff via chat, email or call to make sure you get the right components, at the best price, the first time!

Looking for a complete drivetrain with derailleur, shifter, and crank options? Check out our NX 11sp Drivetrain Builder.

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