OneUp Dropper V2 31.6 dia, 150mm Seatpost


OneUp Dropper V2 31.6 dia 150mm Travel Seatpost

One of the most popular adjustable posts the OneUp Dropper V2 31.6 150mm post has allows for longer travel per rider leg length with it’s short stack.

OneUp Dropper V2 31.6 150mm Seatpost Part Number


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OneUp Dropper V2 31.6mm dia, 150mm Travel Seatpost

OneUp Dropper V2 FEATURES

Travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your post to dial in your perfect length.
Cable actuated for easy installation and a simple no bleed remote
Ergonomic remote paddle position
Reliable sealed cartridge internals
User replaceable cartridge only $60 USD
Easy to service at home
2 year warranty

OneUp Dropper V2 UPDATES

Shortest total length of any dropper
Shortest stack height of any dropper
New upper DU Bushing in the upper collar
Increased bushing overlap and durability
100-210mm post lengths in 10mm increments.

Compare OneUp Seatpost Dimensions

Review the Travel, Collar to Rails, Total Length as well as Max / Min insertion for the OneUp Dropper V2

Seatpost Dimension Diagram
Measurements in MM
Travel Collar to Rails Total Length Max Insertion Min Insertion
OneUp Dropper V2 210* 243* 540 297 150
OneUp Dropper V2 180* 213* 480 267 120
OneUp Dropper V2 150* 183* 420 237 90
*OneUp posts have adjustable travel options

Other OneUp Dropper V2 31.6 Seatposts

210mm Travel
180mm Travel
150mm Travel (this page)

OneUp Dropper 31.6 150mm Seatpost Part Numbers

SPOUC0305 31.6/150

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