ONZA Canis 29″ Tire


ONZA Canis 29″ Tire

The Canis offers low rolling resistance while maximizing traction. This tire is best suited fro cross country and all mountain riding.


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ONZA Canis 29″ Tire

Combining low rolling resistance with a lot of traction, the ONZA CANIS tread offers both the ferocity of a wolf and the reliability of your neighbor’s dog. That’s why the CANIS is the best friend for cross country but also all mountain riders.



CCC Cross Country Casing 120 TPI

Cross Country Casing with 120TPI for less weight and faster rolling.

Field of Application: Light Weight Cross Country tires for racing


CCC Cross Country Casing

Cross Country casing for daily use and training with 60 TPI (Treads per Inch).

Field of Application: Cross Country Tires


Freeride Casing 120 TPI

Freeride Casing with 120TPI for less weight and faster rolling

Field of Application: Light Weight Race Freeride Tires


Freeride Casing

Freeride casing for daily use and training with 60 TPI

Field of Application: Freeride Tires


Tubeless Ready

Special bead technology for quick and tight air sealing of tire and rim. Tubeless Ready TLR works best with onza®tire‘s SEAL UP! sealant.

Field of Applicationt: MTB Tubeless Ready


Dual Compound / Racing Compound 55a / 65a

Combination of two different compounds. 65a for low rolling resistance and long-life on the inside and 55a on the outside for perfect cornering grip in all conditions.

Field of Application: Downhill Training


Need help picking the best tire for your needs? Check out or Tire Selection Fundamentals for more information on tread, sidewall, compound and profile shape. Still have questions? Ask our staff via chat, email or phone!


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