LOAM Seatpost
31.6 dia / 150mm


PNW Loam Seatpost, 31.6mm Diameter 150mm Travel

With its easy finite adjustability the PNW Loam Seatpost allows us to tailor your fit no matter inseam or bike geometry.

In Stock Updated 11/18/20

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PNW Loam Seatpost, 31.6mm dia 150mm Travel

With toolless travel adjustment the PNW Loam seatpost allows riders maximum travel no matter inseam length or frame geometry.

PNW Loam seatposts are easily adjustable decreasing travel up to 30mm in 5mm increments.

The video below illustrates the steps to adjust the travel on your PNW Loam Seatpost.

PNW Loam Seatpost Dimensions

Seatpost Dimension Diagram

200mm Travel: 540mm Total Length, 250mm Seat Collar to Center of Rails, 290mm Max. Insertion, 145mm Min Insertion

170mm Travel: 480mm Total Length, 220mm Seat Collar to Center of Rails, 260mm Max. Insertion, 120mm Min Insertion

150mm Travel: 440mm Total Length, 200mm Seat Collar to Center of Rails, 240mm Max. Insertion, 90mm Min Insertion

Here are some great FAQs from PNW’s site!

What’s the difference between the Rainier Gen 3 and the Loam?

There are a few differences between the Rainier Gen 3 Dropper post and the Loam Dropper Post. The Loam Post has a shorter actuator and more machining on the stanchion both of which work to create a shorter overall post. This allows for more travel in a larger variety of bike frames. Another difference is the cartridge. With the Rainier, you get a sealed “set-it-and-forget-it” cartridge. The Loam has the advantage of an adjustable air cartridge, where you can customize your return rate.

What is the tool less travel adjust system?

This system allows you the maximum drop for your post size. We accomplish this through a notched bushing under the midcap collar so you can dial in a more tailored fit.

How often do I need to service the post?

As riding frequency and conditions vary, we do not have a strict service interval. Instead, we recommend servicing your post if it starts to feel sticky/slows down. When it does come down to service it is a quick and easy, at home process.

How do I set up the adjustable air cartridge?

These shiny new dropper features an adjustable alloy cartridge that requires a high pressure shock pump to setup. They come under inflated during shipping to preserve the cartridge. To adjust the pressure do the following:

Before installing your saddle remove the clamp assembly and hardware.
Remove the rubber grommet covering the valve.
Manually actuate the post so it is in the fully extended position.
Thread the shock pump on the valve and inflate to 270-300psi for optimal performance.
Remove the pump and you are now ready to complete the instalI.

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