Ride Concepts Transition Black & Charcoal


Ride Concepts Transition Black & Charcoal

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Ride Concepts Transition Black & Charcoal

The Ride Concepts Transition provides clipless riders shoes with every detail accounted for.

Examples? Look at the small details like the elastic lace retention as well as big details like the 3Do inner contact area and 3Do insoles.

A velcro retention strap adds to the Transition’s stability and extra ventilation is provided near the strap’s contact point to minimize heat soak.


Ride Concepts Transition Black & Charcoal Shoes


The slightly taller shape to the inner side of the shoe sits just below your Tibia “bump”. This provides nice protection to sensitive ligaments and bones susceptible to a crank or triangle impact.

Ride Concepts D3o ankle protection placement

An image from my first ride review on the flat pedal Powerline shoes. You can see the raised inners have dust scuffs from contact. I ride left foot forward so it makes sense to see more contact on my trailing foot.

D3o is also featured on the insoles providing a unique advantage.


Ride Concepts insoles with 3Do

D3o hardens on impact and is used in a wide range of MTB body armor. Utilizing D3o in the footbed allows some additional vibration control in normal riding while being able to harden for the big impacts.

This seems like it would be a great feature to ease the bangs and bumps on your feet running out of a crash or freefalling off a feature.

Ride Concepts Transition Fit

Transition shoes are available in full and half sizes from 7-13. Ride Concepts shoes fit a bit snug, so you might go up a half size or so. However for riders (like myself) with flintstone feet the wider toe box meant I could wear about the same size as always.

Rubber Kinetics Soles: DST 8.0

Ride Concepts worked with Rubber Kinetics to offer three compounds. Transition’s feature the DST 8.0 formula designed for clipless riding.

Ride Concepts DST 8.0 Mid Grip

A harder rubber compound than flat pedal shoes allows easier clip-in and clip-out movements. The Ride Concepts Transition’s Mid Grip sole is designed to be functional with clipless pedals, long lasting with plenty of grip of the hike a bike moments.

Ride Concept Shoe Sizing

Not sure what size Ride Concept shoe you wear?


Ride Concepts Sizing Insole Overlay Chart

We have a PDF below you can print and review full size differences.

For correct sizing make sure you select “ACTUAL SIZE” from page sizing on your printer. Then fold one of the pages and align with the other.

These overlays were created from photos and include the “rise” of the insole and heel cup (relatively indicated with the white overlay lines).

PDF opens in a new tab

RideConcepts Insoles Production PDF

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