X01 12sp Cassette
10-52t, XG-1295


SRAM X01 12sp Cassette 10-52t, XG-1295

Manufacturer Part Number: 00.2418.108.000
UPC: 710845853067

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SRAM X01 Cassette 10-52t XG-1295 pn 00.2418.108.000

SRAM X01 12sp Cassette 10-52t XG-1295

The SRAM X01 Cassette 10-52t XG-1295  gives riders more than ever before, with an unprecedented range and gives stronger riders the option to increase chainring size.

Fits the same XD drivers
Largest cog is aluminum
Tooth profiles provide better up and down shifting and improve chain retention
Titanium Nitride surface treatment reduces friction and enhances wear
The XG-1295 Eagle cassette meets durability requirements for E-MTB applications

Requires 52T Max derailleur with larger pulley wheels  – not compatible with 50t max rear derailleurs. Contact us with questions

Ensure the best performance of your new drivetrain with proper chain lube procedures. Check out a post on how important the right lube is here!

SRAM 52t vs 50t cassette weight and largest cog

10-52t compared to 10-50t

SRAM cassettes are offered in both 52t and 50t options.

The larger 52t cassettes require AXS or the 520% rear derailleurs.

As expected the machined 52t cassette options weigh in approximately 12g more than the 50t models. The image above shows how the 52t (left) cog has been redesigned with less “rays” with an additional “circle” support on the pin radius of the machined cogs.

Since the second smallest cog is 42t on both options you can expect slightly faster shifting with the 50t option. It’s a good practice to “clutch” shift into the largest ring on your cassette to minimize premature wear.

SRAM X01 Cassette XG-1295 pn 00.2418.108.000 weight

SRAM X01 Cassette 10-52t XG-1295 Details

Cassette Body Type: SRAM XD 11/12 Speed
Designed for ebike: Yes
Drivetrain Speeds: 12
Defined Color: Black
Cassette Cogs: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-52
Range: 10-52
Weight: +/-372g
Manufacturer Part Number: 00.2418.108.000
UPC: 710845853067
CSSRA9051 black

SRAM XX1 X01 machined cassette vs GX stamped steel

Machined versus Stamped & Pinned Manufacturing

If you compare the SRAM cassette lineup you’ll note that the XX1 XG-1299 and XO1 XG-1295 have the 10-42t, or bottom 11 speeds, made of a one piece machined block steel. A titanium nitrite surface treatment that helps reduce friction with the chain and thus improves the cassette’s service life.

The GX XG-1275 cassette instead utilizes cogs made of stamped steel. These individual cogs are then connected with stainless pins visible from both the front and rear of the cassette.

SRAM XX1 X01 machined cassette versus GX stamped steel weights

Machined versus Stamped & Pinned Weight

Looking at the weight difference between the machined XX1 and X01 cassettes compared to the stamped and pinned GX you’ll find a notable difference.

The52t  XX1 Copper Cassette weighed in at 374g while 52t GX cassette came in 81g heavier at 455g. This translates to a 0.18lb difference.

Other SRAM Eagle Cassettes

XX1 10-52t

SRAM XX1 Copper Cassette pn 00.2418.107.000
XX1 Copper Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.107.000


SRAM XX1 Gold Cassette pn 00.2418.107.001

XX1 Gold Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.107.001

SRAM XX1 AXS Cassette pn 00.2418.107.002
XX1 AXS Rainbow Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.107.002

X01 10-52t

SRAM X01 Cassette pn 00.2418.108.000
X01 Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.108.000 (this page)

GX 10-52t

SRAM GX Cassette pn 00.2418.109.000
GX Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.109.000

XX1 10-50t

XX1 Gold Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.072.000

SRAM XX1 AXS Cassette 10-50t 00.2418.072.000

XX1 AXS Rainbow Cassette: SRAM pn 00.2418.098.000

X01 10-50t

SRAM X01 Cassette 10-50t pn 00.2418.071.000

X01 Cassette 10-50t: SRAM pn 00.2418.071.000

GX 10-50t

SRAM GX Cassette 10-50t pn 00.2418.078.000

GX Cassette 10-50t: SRAM pn 00.2418.078.000

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