Yeti SB5 Beti Frame Kit Custom Builder

Yeti SB5 Beti Frame Kit Custom Builder

Looking for the ultimate build? Use our custom modules to spec your bike with the best performing products on the market. Add the modules to your cart for a total build out and go blast your favorite trails.


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Oops – This page has been rebuilt into our Yeti SB5 Custom Complete Builder! Follow the link to spec your ultimate Yeti SB5.


Yeti SB5 Beti Frame Kit Custom Builder, 127mm, 27.5″, Turq Carbon

Need ideas for the ultimate Yeti SB5 Beti Frame build up? Check out the factory SB5 Beti offerings.


BikeCo offers the Yeti SB5 Beti Frame Kit with the best custom options in MTB:

Rear Shock:
Fox Factory DPS
Pro Tune Fox Fact. DPS
Fox Factory DPX2 +$120.00
Pro Tune Fox Fact. DPX2 +$280.00

No Fork

Fox Perf. Elite Fit 4 +$899.00
Pro Tune Fox Perf. Elite Fit 4 +$1,124.00
Fox Factory Fit 4 +$994.00
Pro Tune Fox Fact. Fit 4 +$1,219.00

Headset Options:
Cane Creek 40 Black
Chris King (colors)
Black, Matte Jet, Matte Slate, Mango, Navy, Red, Silver, Turquoise

Seatpost Options:
Fox Factory Transfer 150mm, 125mm, 100mm w/ WT Remote +$409.00
Fox Performance Transfer 150mm, 125mm, 100mm w/ WT Remote +$359.00


From Yeti’s Site:

When we designed the SB5 Beti, we made it to excel in the most demanding situations. Our team of female pros and product testers are aggressive riders and wanted a lightweight bike that could handle the rigors of long days in the backcountry or even lift served access.

TURQ Series bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fiber available and offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance. The result is a bike that feels smooth, solid and aggressive. CARBON series have small changes in the carbon fiber allowing for a more aggressively priced high-performance frame while maintaining strength and stiffness of its higher end sibling.

What is specific: customed tuned fox shock, shorter crank length, customized handlebar width.

We took the proven SB5 and added a lighter shock tune, women’s specific WTB Diva saddle, smaller diameter grips, and narrower handlebars (though, in the spectrum of handlebar widths, they are still relatively wide at 740mm). We also changed crank lengths from 175mm to 170mm. The smaller cranks are easier to spin and give added clearance in technical sections.

Yeti SB5 Beti Frame Tech Specs

Travel:  5.0” (127mm)
Frame Weight: 
5.50 LBS (2.50 KG)
Wheel Size: 
Frame Size: 
Metric 210mm x 50mm
148mm X 12mm (BOOST)

Yeti SB5 Beti Frame Kit Options

Rear Shock:

Fox Factory DPS: Fox’s premium inline shock features great updates this year. A lighter, one-piece EVOL air sleeve improves responsiveness and sensitivity while updated valve designs improved both rebound and compression flow. The DPS shock offers 3 positions – Open, Medium and Firm – to match any terrain.

Fox Factory DPX2: Sharing design influence from the more aggressive X2 the DPX2 is designed as the ultimate trail shock. Three modes – Open, Medium & Firm – give riders options to personalize performance across a variety of terrain. This is a notable improvement from the previous Float X option and offers more heat capacity than the single chamber body options.

BikeCo Pro Tune: Whether you’re a seasoned rider or completely new to the sport improved suspension performance means a better performing, and more fun, bike. Check out the Pro Tune tab for more details.


BikeCo works with the Fox lineup for many reasons – in particular, they work awesome and are incredibly reliable for our clients. Since the Alchemy runs a 160mm Enduro fork let’s define some of the options available in the Fox Float 36 lineup.

There are four levels of Fox forks available, excluding OEM variations.
Rhythm & Performance (Grip Damper)
Performance Elite (HSC/LSC or Fit 4 Damper)
Factory (HSC/LSC or Fit 4 damper)

In this kit we offer the Performance Elite and Factory options.

Performance Elite has the same dampers as the Factory offerings without the Kashima coating (Performance has black stanchions).
Factory forks have the familiar Kashima coating on the stanchions for maximum performance and longevity.

Damper Details:

GRIP2 (HSC / LSC & HSR / LSR) Dampers offer external controls for high and low speed compression, as well as high and low speed rebound, to fine tune your fork’s performance. Combine these controls with air pressure, and volume spacing to setup your bike for any trail condition. Riding bigger, more aggressive, faster trails? Undeniably, this is your ideal damper.

Fit 4 Dampers feature a 3 mode compression switch – Open, Medium , Firm – and adjustable compression control in the Open setting. Fit 4 forks feature a more “trail” feel than their GRIP2 cousins while offering a quick “lockout” for riders who desire the firmest offering to climb the steepest / longest trails.


Looking for even more performance from your suspension?

At this point it’s time to Pro Tune your Fox fork and rear shock for the most personalized setup available. Flip to the Pro Tune tab for more info and to fill out your bio for our suspension techs.


The Cane Creek 40 is a popular headset balancing budget and performance.

If you want to install a headset, once, and call it done – if you’re looking for a bit of flare on your build – if you want the best, American made, bearing around then Chris King is for you. It’s really about that simple…


This season the Fox Transfer post (Performance = black, Factory = Kashima coat) paired to the Wolf Tooth ReMote has been the absolute go-to setup. Great reliability, a variety of sizing options, incredible ergonomics in other words, it’s an easy choice.

*Yeti frames and completes are only available for in-store pickup.*

Yeti SB 5 Beti Geometry

Yeti SB 5 Beti Geometry

Yeti SB5 Beti Geometry

150mm Fork X-Small Small Medium Large

Seat Tube Length









Toptube Length B 552 578 603 629
Headtube Angle C 66.5 66.5 66.5 66.5
Eff. Seat Tube Angle D 73.7 73.7 73.6 73.5
Chainstay Length E 437 437 437 437
Wheelbase F 1116 1142 1168 1195
Estimated BB Height G 338 338 338 338
Standover H 668 683 724 737
Headtube Length I 100 116 127 144
Axle to Crown J 539 539 539 539
Offset K 44 44 44 44
Stack L 585 600 610 625
Reach M 382 402 424 444
Front Center N 679 705 731 758





4’11” – 5’3”



5’3” -5’7”



5’7” – 5’11”




Tech Specs

Travel:  5.0” (127mm)
Frame Weight: 
5.50 LBS (2.50 KG)
Wheel Size: 
Frame Size: 
Metric 210mm x 50mm
148mm X 12mm (BOOST)

Maximize your suspension’s performance with BikeCo Pro Tunes

BikeCo offers proprietary Pro Tune services on the majority of Fox forks and rear shocks.

Fox Suspension is the pinnacle of performance, reliability, and longevity in our industry. Stock Fox suspension comes out of the box with a fairly aggressive tune – which is terrific for powerful, strong, aggressive riders with high ground speeds. Sounds like their World Cup DH and Enduro riders, right?

Pro Tune services calibrate the incredible performance of Fox suspension into a narrower band personalized to your riding specifics.

Utilizing a combination of proprietary lube oils, improved upper to lower fork fit, shim stack configuration, updated oil flow, unmatched bleed quality, and a few other trade secrets BikeCo Pro Tunes improve tracking, small bump compliance, minimize brake dive, run cooler (equating to more predictable performance from top to bottom of your descent), operates comfortably in a wide range of temperature (we test from freezing to 100 degrees), improves oil circulation, extends service intervals and more.

The most important advantage of Pro Tune suspension? Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced pro: suspension that works will let you ride more confidently. You will ride faster and have more fun with BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension.

To ensure that your suspension is dialed in our staff will review your riding experience, aspirations, ground speeds, size (height and weight) as well as specific chassis. BikeCo stands behind our Pro Tune service with a 30 day retune service if you feel that your particular riding requires a shift in tuning. BikeCo also offers discounted disposition retunes as your skillset progress if required.

After the Pro Tune your suspension only requires standard levels of maintenance in the future. To maintain the best performance BikeCo recommends sending the suspension in (we use proprietary lube oils, have specific bleed techniques, etc) although standard Fox oils can be used. Standard lubes will compromise some of the finite tune but with the other Pro Tune modifications a standard lube shock will still out perform stock.

Ready to go? Fill out the online form below and we will get you dialed in.
Have a few more questions? Give us a call or send us a message and our expert staff is happy to work with you!

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