Yeti SB130 Frame
Turq Series
130mm, 29″


The Yeti SB130 frame is the perfect do it all starting point. Featuring 130mm of rear travel the SB130 is ready to shred technical climbs and burly descents. Pair with 150mm fork or a 160mm front end and 55mm stroke rear shock.

Special Order Product: ETA may vary


Yeti SB130 Frame, Turq Series, 130mm, 29″

The Yeti SB130 frame provides a bike that can do it all, whether it is your epic rides or park days the SB130 is ready to rip. Featuring Yeti’s proprietary Switch-Infinity the SB130 is ready to take on technical climbs and big descents. At home in enduro terrains and big mountain adventure riding the Yeti SB130 frame is ready to should be on your short list of a bike that can do it all.

Yeti SB130 Frame Details:

Frame Material: Carbon front and rear triangle
Wheel Size: 29″
Front Travel: 150 or 160mm Lunch Ride
Rear Travel: 130mm or 137mm Lunch Ride
Shock Specs: 210 x 52.5mm or Lunch Ride 210 x 55mm
Boost Axles: 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm
Rear Brake: Post mount / 203mm max rotor
Chainstay Length: 433mm
Bottom Bracket: PF92
ISCG 05 Compatible: Yes
Headset: Integrated 41mm/52mm
Colors: Turquoise, Brick, Raw Carbon
Sizes: S / M / L / XL
Frame Warranty: Lifetime (see Yeti or chat with our team for details)

Available Shock Adjustments: 210 x 52.5mm or 210 x 55mm Lunch Ride

FOX Factory DPX2: 3 position lever  Open/Mid/Firm, Rebound, Compression, Adjustable Air Can Volume

UPGRADE – FOX Factory Float X2: 2 position lever  Open/Firm,  High & Low Speed Rebound, High & Low Speed Compression, Adjustable Air Can Volume


Learn more about the Yeti SB130’s FOX Float Factory DPX2

Air Spring & Volume Spacers

The Yeti SB130 uses a 210 x 52.5mm shock or the Lunch Ride option at 210 x 55mm.

The spec’d Fox Float Factory DPX2 is the most popular based on its wide variety of terrain capacity. Enough shock for the bigger stuff while poppy on your trail adventures.

SAG is adjusted by PSI – typically Enduro riding styles gravitate to 25-30% sag. This would measure about 17mm for a plush setup.

Volume Spacers

Volume spacing provides fine tuning options to support the air spring.

By adding volume spacers, thus reducing the volume, you increase the air spring’s ramp rate for improved bottom out support and pop.

Conversely removing volume spacers produces a more linear feel as the air has more volume during shock compression per mm of travel.

Do not install more volume spacers than the FOX advises. Installing more than the maximum volume spacers will result in  product damage and potential for injuries, etc.

FOX Factory DPX2 Rebound Control

FOX Factory DPX2 Rebound Control

The FOX Factory DPX2 provides a low speed rebound control.

As rider ground speeds increase they will allow the rebound to “speed up”.

The higher PSI the more rebound control a rider will need to control the more forceful air spring.

Rebound should be set to allow the suspension to return to neutral before the next terrain feature without being so fast as to “skip” across the trail.

FOX Factory DPX2 Low Speed Compression Control and 3 position switch

FOX Factory DPX2 Compression Controls

The FOX Factory DPX2 has a 3 position Open, Mid, Firm switch as well as external Low Speed Compression adjustment. The Low Speed Compression adjustment is located in the center of the 3 position switch and is controlled with an allen wrench.

The 3 way switch is great for small adjustments on trail. The Low Speed Compression control allows riders to supplement the air spring support with hydraulic damping. This produces a bike with more support in the mid stroke allowing it to ride taller in the travel. Riding taller in the travel is great for high speed, high g-force cornering as well as attacking steep terrain.

SB130 Frame Geometry

Find all the SB130 Geometry details on the SB130 Geo Chart tab or use our interactive size comparison to easily compare bottom bracket, wheelbase, reach and stack between the Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Yeti SB130.

Yeti SB130 Frame Geo Chart



SB130 Frame Geometry Chart  (mm)
Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A: 380 410 450 495
Top Tube Length B: 570.7 601.9 625.2 653.4
Head Tube Angle C: 65.5° 65.5° 65.5° 65.5°
Eff. Seat Tube Angle D: 77.1° 77° 76.9° 76.9°
Chainstay Length E: 433 433 433 433
Wheelbase F: 1173.9 1205.6 1230.2 1259.7
Est Bottom Bracket Height G: 337.6 337.7 337.7 337.7
Standover H: 723.5 725.9 728.2 730.6
Headtube Length I: 95 99.2 110.2 121.2
Axle To Crown J: 557.1 557.1 557.1 557.1
Stack L: 611 614.8 624.8 634.8
Reach M: 430.2 460.2 480.2 505.2
Front Center N: 740.9 772.6 797.2 826.7

Compare Yeti SB130 Geometry

Using this form you can easily compare bottom bracket height, wheelbase, reach and stack between various sizes and models.
Data is displayed above selections, under the overlay graphic.

Lunch Ride Any Yeti SB130 with

Chat with our expert staff about revising the rear shock on your SB130 to hit the Lunch Ride spec. Learn more about the Lunch Ride here.

The Yeti SB130 Frame is undeniably on the short list for riders looking for a do it all 29″ bike. The Yeti SB130 utilizes Switch Infinity Suspension, that was designed to competently challenge bigger terrain. At home in enduro terrains and big mountain adventure riding the Yeti SB130 frame will change the way you see lines on the trail whether you are climbing or descending. The SB130 even has room to carry a water bottle.

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension

You’ve decided the Yeti SB130 is the frame for you and want to take it’s performance to the next level? Personalize the Fox Suspension’s performance with a BikeCo Pro Tune. Click on the Pro Tune tab to learn in what sets BikeCo’s custom tuned suspension apart!

BikeCo Frame Prep

All frame, frame kit as well as complete purchases receive a thorough BikeCo Frame Prep.  Riding a bike without appropriate bearing retention, torque and alignment is hard on components. As a result “loose” bikes not only make noise but will also wear prematurely. BikeCo’s expert mechanics go through each chassis ensuring that suspension, bearings, and hardware are setup for maximum performance as well as longevity. Many home builders have a full frame assembly completed by BikeCo mechanics to ensure the best setup, in brief headsets, bottom brackets, suspension, derailleur hangers, etc are gone through piece by piece.


Know exactly what you’re looking for? Use BikeCo’s Yeti SB130 Custom Complete Builder to spec every component for your dream build. The builder will provide you the bike’s MSRP and our team will contact you with a Personalized Price Quote.


Yeti SB130 First Ride Review 500px

For more details on the Yeti SB130 click on BikeCo’s First Ride Review as well as Build Photos of our X01 Demo bike!


This season there will be a lot of riders taking advantage of the 210×52.5mm rear shock upgrading to the more enduro oriented Float X2 shock.

Working with BikeCo means you’ll have access to our expert staff before, during, and most importantly after the sale.

Before purchase we’ll work with you to define how you fit and ride the bike to ensure the best component viability. We then produce unmatched builds and setups. Years of racing at the highest level as well as having a retail location mean whether you’re a novice rider or an expert shredder we can set you up. BikeCo’s after sales service is unmatched in the industry. Our team will follow up to help you further refine your suspension, cockpit and tire pressures. Our goal is to take your bike from “man this is good” to “THIS IS DIALED.”

*spec / price subject to change per Yeti Cycles Factory Complete Advantages

Here at we’re riders. And we’re demanding of ourselves and our brands. That’s why you’ll only see the very best in MTB offered through our website or shop in Lake Forest, CA.

Some of the services that have ahead of our competition include:

Unmatched Customer Service

Before, during and after the sale our clients are critical to our success. We love helping our clients take their bike from “this is real good” to “Oh man, this is DIALED.”

Before you take delivery our team will help you define the setup points important to your riding. Prefer Magura brakes? We’ve got you handled.

Want a more personalized suspension? Pro Tune options.

Looking for something special? Handbuilt wheels to dial in your wheel tune.

During delivery our team will work with you to fine tune initial suspension, tire and cockpit setup.

After delivery is when our team really shines. Our sales team reaches out on a handful of occasions with loaded questions to help you truly dial in the setup.

Questions along the way? Reach out to the team at any time!

Pro Tune Suspension

Available at the time of purchase or after sales BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension narrows the performance window on FOX shocks and forks. This means your bike will have a more personalized feel with more finite adjustments on rebound and compression controls.

Pro Tune suspension isn’t just for the racer or local ripper. Starting with a tuned platform allows riders to concentrate on the trail, not questioning setup, balance, etc.

Want to learn more? Email, chat or call and our team will review Pro Tune options with you!

Component Upgrades / Swaps

As mentioned earlier we are happy to review factory builds and help you dial in spec. Whether you’re looking for a bit of bling, prefer a different performance or whatever feel free to chat with our team about dialing in your factory build.

Common upgrades and swaps are brake components (for personality), suspension upgrades, pedals, tires, chainguides and more.

Purchasing Experience

We’ve been a leader in MTB since 1999. Clients have a variety of ways to purchase with our team.

A typical experience is a deposit to secure the frame, particularly useful on frames with extended ETAs, dialing in the build details with our sales team is a fun process and gives you a chance to personalize your build. As the delivery ETA approaches a finalized build is approved by the client, bike built and ready for delivery. The balance of the purchase is due at delivery or shipment.

Custom Complete Builder

Want to check out a builder from tip to tail? BikeCo’s SB130 Custom Complete Builder with Visualizer allows you to spec your dream bike and view color options available.

We look forward to working with you on your next bike!

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