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’23 Yeti Turq frames and completes feature the redesigned and upgraded Switch Infinity 2 as well as individual rear triangle sizes – want to know some of the other updates as well as popular swaps to kits like this Yeti SB140 29 Lunch Ride T1 Build?

Follow the link below:

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The new 2023 Ibis Ripley V4S XT build is the one of the most popular all around bikes on the market. Enough travel and the right geo to get into the fun stuff while nimble and fast on the power. What’s not to love?

Shop this Medium Drywall Ripley XT as well as other In-Stock and Available Ripleys at today!

Just a quick blurb “Tips & Tricks” before the weekend!

Late Apex Cornering, we’ve touched on it before in content but here’s a real life advantage from a ride this week.

An Early Apex commitment would force me to run wide, right into the mud bog (see tire tracks for proof of concept hahaha)

A Late Apex allowed me to pull the bike back to the inside of the corner, stay out of the mud and have a happier day…

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1-25-22 Last Call Mondraker Demo

Last Call on the Mondraker Demo Week!

Take out a class leading MTB or eMTB today and bring it back tomorrow AM: get in an afternoon and morning spin!

What are you looking for in a demo? I always suggest to think of it in 3 things you really liked about the bike, 3 things you weren’t sure of and 3 things you’d change if it was yours. This data gives our sales team a lot of insight to help you define if you rode the right bike, the right setup, the right spec and what you’re looking for on your purchase to nail that dream bike build.

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Custom Wheel Builder Coming to BikeCo

Our new custom wheel builder is under construction – what do you want to see?

We’ve got a variety of the best hubs across a range of price points like King, i9, Onyx & Factor. Rims in aluminum and carbon from WTB, RideFast, NOX & Factor. DT Swiss Spokes and Nipples. A variety of lacing and wheel tuning packages that our artisan builders will fine tune your wheels based on your size, terrain and riding style.

Keep an eye out – but if you’re in the market now chat with our sales team and see why custom wheels are one of the most sought after performance upgrades in MTB.

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Mondraker Demo at BikeCo 1-19-23 to 1-25-23

We’re excited to host the Mondraker Demo Fleet Thurs 1/19/23 to Weds 1/25/23!

Check out bike availability and then schedule your ride on the available Mondraker MTB and eMTB offerings.
F Podium (120mm front / 115mm rear travel)
Raze (150 / 130)
Foxy (160 / 150)
Crafty (160 / 150)
Level (180 / 170)

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Yeti SB140 T Frame Switch Infinity Detail

3 Things I Love in This Pic: (Yeti SB140 T Frame)

1. Cable Management on Fastener (Quieter)
2. Chris King Threaded Bottom Bracket (Easier)
3. Updated Chainstay Protector (GO FASTER!)

There’s more to love on the new Yeti line: Shop the new SB140 29, SB160 and the rest of the ’23 Yeti here!

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Sunset Sky on The Luge before January Storm

Another pre-storm shot while we dry out…

Keep an eye out this week for more info on upcoming demos this month from Mondraker and Ibis. Both brands offer class leading MTB and eMTB options for a wide range of riders.

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The Luge Chasing Sunsets

Have a great weekend! Looks like this might have been the last clear sky here for a bit…

Chasing sunsets down the Luge

BTW – keep an eye out for some exciting things coming at revised custom wheel builder, the return of the custom bike builder (post-ish pandemic when we can get custom parts again more easily!) another couple demos coming up soon, etc, etc, etc (the etc’s are good but can’t be mentioned yet…)

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The Luge Climb in Green before the storm

It tends to the the days I want to ride least that I enjoy the most… like a 1980s Irish Spring soap commercial out there today.

Wasn’t sure I felt up to it today, so, cheated half the road climb and let my faster brother play catch-up. (Which he did. And pass. And go. And back. Repeat… guess I’d rather be the slowest on the trail then the fastest on the couch!) #thebestinmtb #thebikecompany

1up Rack Tighten Reminder and Strap Hack

You know, you ever, just kinda, randomly look at something and say – I’m gonna pull on this?

Well, I ended up with my bike rack at my feet after a small tug today! No fault of the rack, in fact I have nothing but compliments for the rack – BUT – since there’s not a bolt or pin through the rack all of the force is in the ball bearing pressure producing pinch in the receiver. Now, having not checked the bolt in, oh, maybe a year or more? Had I not been lucky and caught this I’d only  have myself to blame…

I snugged it down and later went over to the depot and picked up a 24″ carabiner hang strap and some webbing protector (to go over the swivel and hopefully keep it quiet). I think the rack came with a less robust velcro option – which – if I remember right I didn’t use as it wasn’t quite long enough for this car, or maybe I didn’t think it was big enough to hold.

Anyhow – just a reminder for those of you with similar racks – give that bolt a check now and then. You, your bike, and whoever might be behind you will thank you…

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1-12-23 Pro Tip Plastic Calipers Image

Tips from the Pros: Bike Setup

This one is pretty simple, but, like a lotta simple things it’s important. Use plastic calipers to measure suspension sag to minimize the risk of scratching a stanchion. Particularly if you’re working in a parking lot, in a hurry, with people bustling around. You don’t want someone bumping your bike at the wrong moment creating a burr that’s going to eat your seals!

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Bell Full-9 Fusion Full Face Helmet with Fasthouse When Rules Were Few Graphics

When Rules Were Few. A few more in-stock from this batch: grab yours now!


Bell Full-9 Fusion MIPS Fasthouse When Rules Were Few

Can’t help but notice: Mission Trails is in close proximity (across the freeway) to the Miramar air station – and these two flew in tandem for a long time wondering where they picked that up… Least they weren’t vultures looping over me!

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Not Bike Related:
OK, first, I couldn’t help myself.

Second, I had to get this public before my wife sees it and makes SO much fun of me since it’s my constant knock on her “experts” from YouTube or whatever…

Fellowship of the Ring Light.

1-6-23 tips and tricks you want to see

New Videos On The Way: We are in the process of updating our Home Mechanic as well as Tips & Tricks on our website (as viewership moves back to larger computer monitors and TVs  we’re moving up to that 4k…)

Have we left anything out that you want to see?

Want to see anything explained a bit deeper?

Let us know so we can get it into the schedule.

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Well, we wanted to start 2023 with something a little different – but it got a bit sloppy out here!
Here’s a quick video explaining what we wanted to do and what I ended up doing when I found the conditions kept deteriorating…

1-4-23 Lightning Turn Around

Any excuse to use some of my non riding related favorite photos is a good excuse!

But, in all seriousness: we’re headed for a pretty good storm it looks like which means the local trails are gonna need some time to dry up – so why not get your bike dialed in in the mean time? We’ve got quick turnaround and this is a good time to do that service before the riding season pushes service windows out further!

Need that suspension service? How about a fresh drivetrain? Rotors and pads tired? We have you covered across the board with #thebestinmtb here at #thebikecompany

Editing Suite Social Media Post Image

Nah nah nah the TV is for editing and work. A man cave? What? Surely I don’t know what you mean.

Well of course it connects to Netflix and Hulu. I mean. Try to find one that doesn’t these days 😂
Lotta fresh video content coming this season to keep me out of the doghouse #thebestinmtb #thebikecompany