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SRAM 12sp Eagle Cassettes

SRAM 12sp Eagle Cassette Comparison

SRAM’s Eagle 12 speed systems are the most popular drivetrain option in MTB today. Launched in 2016 the XX1 and X01 Eagle technology trickled down to GX and finally NX options. So no matter what your budget there’s a 12 speed system for you.

Along with the four price points a 10-50t gear range the Eagle system really has made 1x inclusive for almost every rider.

Here are details and images continuing our SRAM 12sp Eagle Cassette Comparison with the three most popular options: the X01, GX and NX Eagle Cassettes.

X01 XG-1295 12sp Cassette

X01 XG-1295 Eagle Cassette


The X01 XG-1295 uses a one piece machined chromoly cluster pinned (black) to an aluminum 50t and weighs 357g. Look closely at the machine work bridging the smaller 11 speeds. You begin to understand the size of the initial piece of billet as well as the hours on a mill it takes to produce this. Lots of mill bits and chips to recycle in the production of both the X01 and XX1 Eagle cassettes!

The 4130 Chromoly cog cluster provides incredible life span for the cassette. Riders looking to balance performance, longevity and pricing often find the X01 cassette on their bikes.


Chris King XD Driver in wheel truing stand long exposure blurred except for xd driver.

XX1, X01 & GX cassettes all utilize the SRAM specific XD driver. The XD driver is available for all leading hub manufacturers.

Eagle cassettes utilize the following cogs: 10-50t. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42 & 50t. This provides the an incredible gear range for all riders. Typically 30 to 36t chain rings are fit depending on rider strength and frame design.

The X01 XG-1295 MSRP’s at $385.

GX XG-1275 12sp Eagle Cassette

GX XG-1275 Eagle Cassette

The GX XG-1275 uses stamped steel cogs which are pinned together. The XG-1275 weights in at 450g. With an MSRP of $215 the XG 1275 provides excellent performance at a great value.

The stamped steel cogs may wear a bit sooner than the machined Chromoly X01 & XX1 however with proper lube and good shifting technique riders can expect great service life from the GX Eagle cassette.

NX PG-1230 12sp Eagle Cassette

NX XG-1230 Eagle Cassette


The NX PG-1230 uses a HG 8-11sp driver (opposed to the XD driver on the GX, X01 & XX1) with 4 steel cogs pinned onto an aluminum spider and 8 stamped cogs with spacers. The PG-1230 weighs in at 615g.


Chris King HG Driver

With an MSRP of $100 the NX PG-1230 provides riders an extremely cost effective 12sp option. The NX Eagle cassette is also popular with riders converting to Eagle looking to save $’s postponing converting to an XD driver required by the GX, X01 & XX1 Eagle options.

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