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Pedal More Efficiently - Spinning Circles with Kevin Aiello MTB Coach

Spinning Circles with Kevin Aiello – Pedal More Efficiently

Like a lot of jobs mine has perks. Lately one of those has been spending a lot of time in the shop and on the trail with Kevin Aiello from SoCalSpeedClinics.com. As I’ve mentioned Kevin blows me away with his MTB coaching aptitude. He sees something, gives you something to think about and you’re riding better. Kevin’s known for his DH and Free Ride skills. You know if you ask questions about cornering, steeps, chunk, jumping, etc he’s got [...]

HT T1 Pedal Review

HT T1 Pedal Review & Setup Tips

HT T1 Pedal Review & Setup Tips I get a lot of questions regarding clipless (or clip-in) pedals from new and experienced riders. This write up reviews an extended test of the HT T1 pedals as well as provides setup tips from personal experience. Over the years I have tested several of the HT Components pedal platforms however the T1 were the first I have put extended miles on. HT T1 Pedal Design Designed and marketed as a trail / light enduro pedal [...]