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BikeCo Frame Prep

BikeCo Frame Prep on Ibis

Tracy Ibis Build HD4 rectangle

BikeCo Frame Prep

Build integrity for your new mountain bike starts before you hang any bits on the frame. In fact, for the ultimate performance and longevity BikeCo developed specific MTB Frame Prep procedures.

Pivots, Bearings, Axles, , Hangers, Bottom Brackets and Headsets are addressed in BikeCo’s MTB Frame Prep services. BikeCo Frame Prep services ensure maximum service life, ultimate trail personality as well as quiet performance for your mountain bike.

Like the BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension originally Frame Prep service was only available for race bikes. Over the years BikeCo’s team developed mtb frame prep procedures to address issues that average riders encounter.

We stand behind our Frame Prep service for 1 year. Should your frame develop noise or issues from components associated with Frame Prep BikeCo will take care of you. Continue reading BikeCo Frame Prep