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CushCore XC vs PRO Comparison

CushCore PRO vs XC Comparison

CushCore products provide both rim protection as well as tire performance enhancement. With the new lighter CushCore XC release we wanted to drop a quick CushCore Pro vs XC Comparison review for you. The original CushCore, or CushCore PRO changed rim protection. Designed to not only keep your rims off rocks they also work as both a volume spacer for your tire PSI as well as changing the leverage point on the sidewall of your tire. Didn’t realize it did [...]

Cush Core Huck Norris Comparison

CushCore vs Huck Norris Comparison

12/5/19 Update – Check out a new blog comparing the CushCore PRO vs. XC rim protection. CushCore vs Huck Norris Comparison – differences in the leading rim insert protection. Tire inserts have grown in popularity over the past few seasons as riders find themselves in larger terrain at higher speeds. Inserts like the CushCore and Huck Norris are the most popular options providing riders protection as well as different benefits depending on needs. RIM & TIRE PROTECTION The top three images show tires [...]