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MTB Fit Concepts

MTB Fit cockpit setup

MTB Fit Concepts

Every couple years we see someone come out with the “ultimate in bike fit”. Complete with laser light show, measurements, formulas and reasons you should be in EXACTLY THIS position. The thing is, in MTB, does this kind of fit have any real value? I’m of the belief that lasers are for hair rock bands and dropping say $300, plus suggested components, to be told an optimum position for a sport with so many variables is a hard pill to swallow…

The laser light show fit originated on the skinny tire side of bikes. Substantially less variables at play in that world. The theory was that kinesiology produced the perfect balance of power and aerodynamics. How’d that work out? Depends. A couple years ago in one of the younger divisions of European road cycling there was a drug (banned at the Tour level) that essentially allowed these kids to stay down in an insane aero position for huge periods of time. Problem was they ended up tearing back muscles out… Anyhow. Another story for another day.

Does MTB bike fit matter? Absolutely. Should you work to dial it in? Certainly. Just keep that $300 for the laser light show fit in your pocket, learn some concepts and maybe buy a part or two from your favorite retailer. Continue reading MTB Fit Concepts