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When to Trail Bike

For those who have been around MTB for many years the capacity of a modern Trail bike is really astounding. The current definition for Trail riding is between Cross Country and Enduro terrain with some crossover in either direction. So what are the key attributes to a trail bike? Personality, Weight, Capacity Personality Trail bikes should be nimble, quick accelerating, and playful. Nimble – how quickly and confidently a bike changes direction is affected by riding speed, trail steepness, geometry and setup. Geometry an [...]

Ibis Mojo 3 with upgrades

Trail Banger: Ibis Mojo 3 GX Complete with Upgrades

Ibis Mojo 3 GX Complete with Upgrades The Ibis Mojo 3 is one of the best received mountain bikes on the market for a variety of reasons. 130mm of rear wheel travel paired with the capacity to run either 27.5″ or 27.5+ wheels give this bike an incredible range of setup options. Whether you’re riding style leans towards trail or into enduro levels of terrain the Mojo 3 has you covered. Check out detail shots of this Ibis Mojo 3 [...]

s BikeCo Custom Ibis Mojo 3 Build

Custom Ibis Mojo 3 Build by BikeCo.com

Custom Ibis Mojo 3 Build by BikeCo.com. Looking for a more enduro trail bike setup? Check this build out! Chris King peripherals, Fox X2 & 36 Grip2 fork, Ibis carbon 742 rims, XTR, Magura MT7 brakes – this one has it all!   In the market for a banger like this? Or a stock build? Or a frame swap? Chat with the experts at BikeCo.com for the best spec, setup, tune and price.   Looking for more info on trail bikes? Jump over to the [...]