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What to look for on a demo bike ride BikeCo

What to look for in a demo bike ride

Another great week getting riders on the latest Ibis demos here at BikeCo.com. As the newest release the Ripmo was extremely popular as riders define what the latest 29er’s are all about. We saw many new faces at this demo. A lot of riders are upgrading from first bikes into better handling suspension systems such as DW, Switch Infinity and Sine. Many of these riders took out the Mojo 3 to see what a 27.5 trail bike offers. As [...]

Magura Race vs Performance Pads Review

Magura Performance vs Race Brake Pad Review

Initial Ride Test – Magura Performance vs Race Brake Pad Review for MT5 / MT7 models. I love my Magura MT5 brakes. That’s well established here on BikeCo.com at this point I’m sure! Until this month however I had never run the Magura Race Brake pads. I decided to change it up a bit on the last pad change – and WHOA, quite a difference. Magura 8.P Performance Brake Pads As a baseline, I have had no complaints on the Magura 8.P [...]

11 14 18 DW Suspension Extended Ride Review

DW Suspension Review, Extended Ride

With the Ibis Demo here at BikeCo we have a lot of new faces coming into the shop. Many of these riders have advanced past lesser suspension systems and researching the leading options. Let’s take a look at what they can expect with a DW Suspension Review. My DW background: I’ve been riding an Ibis HD4 for about a season and a half. I’m also spoiled, I can jump on demos for quick “marketing” loops when they’re here… I’ve spent [...]

10 26 18 Yeti SB130 Extended Ride Review

Yeti SB130 Extended Ride Review

Ok, Ok, Ok. It’s a BikeCo demo so I need to let clients ride it I suppose… Here is my Yeti SB130 Extended Ride Review. (I’m still going to have to check in with it now and then though…) Let’s go over the SB130’s Personality, Fit/Geo, Build as well as Disposition. SB130 Extended Ride Review Yeti’s magic has been in the evolution of their race proven geometry paired with Switch Infinity suspension. The SB130 rides confidently in terrain that seems like it [...]

Bottom Bracket height and crank arm length

Bottom Bracket Height and Crank Arm Length

New Bikes, First Rides, Pedal Strikes, Bottom Bracket Height and Crank Arm Length. Well it wouldn’t be BikeCo.com without courting a bit of controversy so might as well start it out on a Monday! Let’s begin with the disclaimers – this is not a medical post. I do not have a kinesiology background so can’t speak to the physical mechanics of what you’ve got going on. I do feel I can speak to my riding experience over the years on [...]

s Yeti SB130 X01 Complete BikeCo Demo 1

Yeti SB130 Review, First Ride

Oh. Man. Not every new bike really stops me, but seeing the Yeti SB130 in the stand did. Deciding I would need to quickly get a Yeti SB130 Review posted I commandeered the first ride. The first thing I noted about the SB130 was how long it looks. The low, extended lines of the frame have the bike visually seem much longer than it measures out. Especially if you see it without a seatpost in it. The new Yeti shapes [...]

9 7 18 Giro Riddance Shoe First Ride Review 1

Giro Riddance Shoe First Ride Review

Riding flats I needed some fresh shoes – and the new Riddance from Giro jumped out at me. What do I think so far? Check out the Giro Riddance Shoe First Ride Review. Ok, first few rides if we’re being honest… Why Giro Riddance The Riddance is a notably light shoe and features a Vibram sole. This is my first MTB shoe with Vibram but many of my hiking shoes were built around this rubber. I’ve found Vibram absorbs impact well comparatively [...]

HT T1 Pedal Review

HT T1 Pedal Review & Setup Tips

HT T1 Pedal Review & Setup Tips I get a lot of questions regarding clipless (or clip-in) pedals from new and experienced riders. This write up reviews an extended test of the HT T1 pedals as well as provides setup tips from personal experience. Over the years I have tested several of the HT Components pedal platforms however the T1 were the first I have put extended miles on. HT T1 Pedal Design Designed and marketed as a trail / light enduro pedal [...]

4 25 18 Magura MT5 3 year review

Magura MT5 Brake Review – 3 Years

Read through our long term (3 year) trail test in the Magura MT5 Brake Review. 3 years and 4 bikes later I’m still running the same set of Magura MT5 brakes. Same levers, same master cylinders, same calipers. A few sets of brake pads as well as a new rear line are what I’ve put into the system. (My HD4’s routing is longer than the Bronson was) I continue to ride the Magura MT5’s for the same reasons that led me purchase [...]

3 21 18 Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review BikeCo

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review: First Ride Impressions Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 EXO Tire. The Maxxis Aggressor is a tire that’s been really intriguing to me. This is a tire with a fast rolling center section as well as relatively tightly spaced cornering lugs. As I have been testing thicker sidewall options such as Maxxis DoubleDown and Onza EDC the lighter EXO sidewall was an exciting option. I pulled the trigger on the 27.5″ 2.3 EXO. Weight, wait, weight? At 230lb I seldom worry [...]