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Pre Ride Warm Up with Kevin Aiello

Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Cross Body Kneeling MAIN

Pre Ride Warm Up with Kevin Aiello

At we work with some of the fastest racers in MTB. We see what helps separate them from the competition. Take a minute and check out this video of pre ride warm up with Kevin Aiello.

What’s the advantage of this routine? I asked a familiar face here at and experienced trainer Gina Redican:

Taking 5 to 10 minutes before a ride to warm up and perform dynamic stretches can significantly improve performance on the trail.  Dynamic stretching sends signals to the brain letting it know that your muscles are ready to work.  The benefits include: raising your muscle temperature giving your muscles more power, pliability, range of motion making them more resilient to injury. 

After you watch the video check out photos and write ups to detail some of Kevin’s dynamic stretches. Continue reading Pre Ride Warm Up with Kevin Aiello