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Ibis Mojo 3 with upgrades

Ibis Mojo 3 GX Complete with Upgrades

The Ibis Mojo 3 is one of the best received mountain bikes on the market for a variety of reasons. 130mm of rear wheel travel paired with the capacity to run either 27.5″ or 27.5+ wheels give this bike an incredible range of setup options. Whether you’re riding style leans towards trail or into enduro levels of terrain the Mojo 3 has you covered. Check out detail shots of this Ibis Mojo 3 GX Complete.

This particular build is highlighted with upgrades in all the right places. Starting with the GX drivetrain this Mojo 3 features Fox Factory Suspension, Magura MT5 brakes as well as Ibis 742 carbon wheels with Industry Nine hubs.

Ibis Mojo 3 with upgrades


Carbon wheels allow wider rim width without the weight or strength issues from aluminum. With a 35mm internal these Ibis 742 rims provide a good platform to mount 2.8 down to 2.3 tires from a variety of manufacturers. Carbon rims also improve trail tracking – meaning riders can site and stick to more precise lines on trail.


Ibis Mojo 3 with upgrades


Ibis offers the 742 rims with house branded hubs as well as the Industry Nine upgrade. At BikeCo we handbuilt wheels using the best rims and hubs in MTB. The Ibis 742 and 942 rims are so good we often spec them on top tier builds from other brands with Chris King, Industry Nine, and Hope hubs.


Ibis Mojo 3 with upgrades. cockpit. magura brakes and lizard skins grips

A lot of personality on a bike comes from brake setup. BikeCo has been working with Magura brakes for many years at this point. Unmatched balance of power and modulation set the Magura lineup apart at every price point. The MT5 brakes on this Mojo 3 feature 4 piston calipers front and rear for the best heat capacity as well as power. The additional stopping power from the 4 piston brakes allows riders to run smaller rotors – again improving the modulation.


Ibis Mojo 3 top tube, headset and stem


When you’re in the market work with the experts at Our team will ensure you get the best setup, spec, tune and pricing. Whether you’re in the market for a custom, semi-custom, factory complete or a frame swap we have you covered!


Ibis Mojo 3 seattube close up

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