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Welcoming the 2022 Mondraker Lineup with Fresh Content!

2022 Mondraker Crafty Carbon

With BikeCo picking up the 2022 Mondraker lineup it’s been a really interesting opportunity to create a variety of new content highlighting the bikes.

2022 Mondraker Raze Carbon

For the incoming 2022 Mondraker Raze Carbon we used an image from Mondraker’s marketing and PhotoShopped in a variety of upgrades that our staff and clients would want to see.

Custom Mondraker RAZE comparison

Digital upgrades to the image included the new FOX Float X rear shock, Factory Transfer Seatpost and Magura MT7 brakes with MDR-P rotors.

Custom Mondraker RAZE dream build by BikeCo

These updates to the Raze Carbon’s spec are almost all coming together on our purchasing agent Mike’s build BTW…

Providing the Mondraker Raze a bit more “punch” in the rear with the Float X will pair well with the FOX 36 fork’s performance window. With Mondraker’s Zero Suspension design being so efficient, and the new FOX Float X having a wide range of adjustability and a 2 position open / firm lever the additional downhill performance comes with a very minor sacrifice uphill or when accelerating.

You’ll see Magura brakes on probably a majority of the bikes puts out. With nearly equal popularity the Magura MT7 and MT5 brakes provide excellent modulation, confident predictability and low service requirements.

MDR-P rotors on the Mondraker Raze Carbon – this is admittedly a bit of overkill. They ended up on this digital image for a pair of reasons. One, they look cool as hell. Two, since they’re more substantial brakes it made the PhotoShop work a bit easier… Just cause I’m in marketing doesn’t mean I’m here to lie to you! Hahaha…

Two other bikes that we’re really excited to be offering through the Mondraker US distributor Zeitbike are the Crafty Carbon and the 2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon.

2022 Mondraker Crafty Carbon

The excitement for the new Mondraker lineup had us invest in some additional creative assets. We wanted to share the absolutely breathtaking lines and colorways in more ways than just images in the alley.

To introduce the Crafty Carbon RR we shot a video and stills with a new backdrop as well as lighting fixtures to try to compliment the bike with a less “sterile” or operating room feel. These are bikes that look mean and fast just sitting there. We thought a dark, moody vibe with the Mondraker colors would create some really interesting visuals.

Using a jib and gimble with a GoPro 10 we were able to capture some cool video highlights of the bike. Still images were used to add some visual depth to the video as well.

With the popularity of the 2022 Crafty Carbon we wanted to give riders even a little more to wet their appetites – so Joe and I went out to generate a variety of still and video content.

Shot with a combination of GoPro, DSLR, point and shoot pocket camera and iPhone video at The Luge the Crafty Carbon’s performance was highlighted well.

The same camera assets were paired with the Shure MV88 and Shure MV7 with a laptop for a public interview setting with BikeCo owner Joe Binatena discussing the finer points of the 2022 Mondraker Crafty Carbon including the BOSCH Smart System as well as how the Zero Suspension is an ideal crossover from MTB to eMTB application.

We were glad the public interview came out as well as it did – footage like this gives a great feel but you are at the mercy of the outdoors. The advantages of the candid feel versus a sound studio recording aren’t always easy to capture but with the Crafty Carbon video I think it’s a good balance.

2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon

Personally the Foxy Carbon and the Raze are my favorite in the Mondraker lineup. While I kind of gravitate to the Raze in terms of travel and application I have to admit that the combination of the lines and colors of the Foxy have me pondering the bigger travel bike!

Like the eMTB Crafty we wanted to introduce the 2022 Foxy Carbon in a way that would highlight the visual attributes of this enduro bike. Forward geometry is long, low and slack. The combination of the gloss and matte on the Foxy strike an attract balance as well.

We are still storyboarding the follow up content for the Mondraker Foxy – probably some riding shots, a few video assets and maybe another interview? Possibly a group review with a few of us who have trail time on the Foxy?

Are you in the market for a Foxy? What questions do you have that we can answer? Hit us up by email or webchat and let us know!

In fact, whether you’re shopping the 2022 Raze, Crafty Carbon or Foxy we’re here to answer your questions to get you dialed in.

From custom tuned suspension offerings, build upgrades like Magura brakes, revised cockpits, oh, AXS anyone – has you covered in any of the 2022 Mondraker MTB lineup.


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