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What to look for in an MTB Demo Ride!

We made a quick video highlighting some of the important concepts for demo-ing MTB setups to learn the most about the bike in the quickest amount of time.

We invite you to check it out above.

One of the important concepts: on your ride find 3 things you like, 3 things you are neutral about and 3 things that you’d change if it was yours.

Also, some data to bring that is awesome for setup as well as performance queries:

On your current bike:
What tire pressures do you run? What sidewall technology?
Is your current suspension setup “even” or a bit biased to a stiffer fork than rear shock?
What is your bike’s handlebar width?  What is your current bike’s approximate grip to ground measurement? Do you know how tall of rise your current bars are?

This data really helps our team work through your trail experience to help you define what you liked and what you would change on your next bike. In essence you’re looking to define if the category of bike is right for you, if the suspension design and trail feel is to your liking and if the bike’s geo gives you a fit with some adjustability.

Knowing how to setup a bike to allow you to quickly separate this data will go a long way to maximizing your trail time and what you learn about the bike! Shop #thebestinMTB including Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti bikes at


Update: Check out these concepts in action with my Mondraker FOXY First Ride Impressions here!