What We Ride – BikeCo Staff Wheel Selections

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3 12 19 Joe Binatena builds wheels for Cody Kelley Alchemy EWS

What We Ride – BikeCo Staff Wheel Selections

We’ve put a lot of effort dialing in the new online wheel builders and options here at BikeCo.com. In this blog, What We Ride, we will take a look at some BikeCo Staff Wheel Selections! Read up and then check out BikeCo Favorite Wheel Builds, Featured Brands, Full Custom Builders and Wheel Specials to pick the best wheels to update your current bike or build a new one.

Chris Fuller, BikeCo Sales

King, Ibis 942 Carbon, 2 Cross DT Swiss Competition – for Ibis Ripmo build

Chris King Ibis 942 Favorite Email Image

Wheels were a major focal point in building my current bike. I was excited to run carbon hoops for the first time. I put heavy consideration into each component. The spec needed to compliment my physical size, riding style, aggression level, and the terrain that I ride.

Also, I don’t like to redo things and durability is crucial for me. The spec had to be right from the get-go.


With that said, I already had my mind made up on Chris King hubs given their reputation for durability. I’m a fan of CK’s slogan, “Our products don’t wear out, they wear in.” I feel that is a proven fact in our world of bicycles at this point. Plus, their launch of the Boost AB “future proof” hub lined up with my build timeline…

Perfect, the Chris King hubs were a no-brainer for me.


There were a few different carbon rims that I considered, but ultimately landed on the Ibis 942 rim. I liked its light-weight, strength, and ride quality.

I was really looking for a crisp and responsive rim that had the right stiffness and modulus for power transfer and precision tracking.

Ideally, I wanted something in the 35mm internal width range too.

Ultimately, after a bunch of research and conversations with Joe, the 942 checked all those boxes.

I ended up installing Cushcore inserts for the benefits of improved dampening and traction. Honestly, I feel like the EXO tires might even roll a little better with the Cushcores installed too. I know that’s added rotating weight, but after riding them on trail I could tell the benefits are definitely worth it to me.


I referred to Joe and Tracy for spoke choice and wheel tuning.

Given my ride style and physical size, maximizing lateral stiffness was important to me. We ended up building my 32H wheels up with DT Comp Race spokes in a 2-cross pattern.

I was a little hesitant to go 2-cross at first, but in the end Joe and Tracy were right. These wheels are STRONG and stick to the ground like no other.

BikeCo Favorite Wheel Build: Chris King on Ibis 942 from $1751!

Landon Gregson, BikeCo Sales

King, WTB Asym i29, 3 Cross DT Swiss Competition – for Ibis HD4 build

Chris King Asym Favorite Email Image

I currently am riding Chris King hubs laced to WTB Asym i29 rims with DT Swiss competition spokes.

Previously I was riding a set of carbon wheels built from the manufacturer. As a lighter rider riding some of the stiffest carbon wheels I had issues keeping the wheels planted to the ground. Specifically leaning into corners.

When I would push into a corner more often than not the front wheel would skip around and have issues sticking to the ground.

Frustrated with my ride feel I decided to have the BikeCo team build me a new aluminum wheelset.

The difference was apparent from the first corner! The aluminum wheelset stays planted and I have not had to true the wheels in over a year of riding on them.

Having the wheelset built specifically for me and my riding style allowed produced notable improvements to ride feel as well as confidence.

BikeCo Favorite Chris King on WTB Asym i29 27.5″ from 929.92!

Nate Collins – General Manager, Branding / Market Development

Chris King, WTB Asym, 3 cross DT Swiss Competition Rear, Comp & Comp Race Mix Rear on Yeti SB130

29 inch custom aluminum wheel builder online yeti king wtb

It had been a long time since I treated myself to a nice set of handbuilts. Frankly I regret riding on numb wheels for so many years now!!

Chris King hubs – ultimate service life, great performance, awesome matte and gloss colors.

Asym i29 rims – 29mm internal balances quick handling with confident traction.

Mix Spokes – I worked with Joe and Tracy to define what I wanted as far as wheel compliance. Landed on DT Swiss Competition rear and a mix Competition and Competition Race in the front.

You can read more about my personal setup as well as some of the signs of wheels aging out on this page: New Wheels, New Personality…

BikeCo Favorite – Chris King WTB Asym i29 29″ from $929.92

Do you have questions on wheels? Let our team of experts dial you in. We have the right wheel options for riders of every discipline, size, aggression level and budget.

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