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9 6 19 Ibis Ripmo XX1 AXS Enve FB2

XX1 AXS Ibis Ripmo

Enjoy a couple shots of this banging XX1 AXS Ibis Ripmo build by BikeCo.

When it’s time to build a dream bike work with the best. Whether your dream build is wireless SRAM AXS, Chris King on Enve like this one, or an NX or GX setup BikeCo has you covered.


Detail of Ibis Ripmo XX1 AXS cassette and derailleur with Enve carbon rims.


SRAM’s new AXS system is the ultimate wireless MTB drivetrain. Crisp shifting, self adjusting. No more barrel adjustments (just ask Landon!)…

This build features BikeCo Pro Tune suspension. Pro Tunes narrow the performance window specifically based on your riding. Each click is more precise as you fine tune high and low speed compression as well as high and low speed rebound.

The Fox X2 rear shock is one of the most popular dampers for BikeCo Pro Tunes. With the level of adjust-ability on the X2 on working with suspension experts will help you quickly dial in your bike. Our team will contact you after you take delivery to help you continue to fine tune your settings based on your riding.

XX1 AXS Ibis Ripmo


Ibis Ripmo XX1 AXS Enve complete profile


Enve carbon hoops offer excellent torque transfer while improving tracking. Enve’s unique carbon layup as well as rim strip mean this carbon rim is ready to attack the biggest terrain.

Maxxis Double Down Assegai front and Aggressor rear tire continue the go big or go home build theme. The stiffer DD sidewalls provide improved support with less roll for aggressive riding styles. In addition to that the Double Down tires have incredible protection from sidewall punctures or slices.

Are you ready to spec the perfect Ibis Ripmo? From NX, GX, X01, XX1 to AXS builds we have you covered. Pick the best cockpit. The best brakes. Your favorite wheels. All online with our Ibis Ripmo Custom Complete Builder. Submit your build and our team will contact you with a personalized price quote.


Detail of Ergon grips and SRAM AXS shift controller on Ibis Ripmo


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