Yeti Cycles Custom Complete Builder

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Yeti Custom Complete Builder


27.5″ wheels, 165mm rear and 180mm front travel.

Yeti SB165 Custom Builder thumb

Yeti SB165 Custom Complete Builder



27.5″ wheels, 140mm rear and 160mm front travel. Available as a 29″ front Mullet bike as well.

Yeti SB140 Inferno Custom Builder thumb

Yeti SB140 Custom Complete Builder



29″ wheels, 155mm rear and 170mm front travel.

Yeti SB150 Turquoise Custom Builder thumb

Yeti SB150 Custom Complete Builder



29″ wheels, 130mm rear and 150mm front travel. 160mm fork options available.


Yeti SB130 Anthracite Custom Builder thumb

Yeti SB130 Custom Complete Builder



29″ wheels, 100mm rear and 120mm front travel.

Yeti SB100 Custom Builder thumb

Yeti SB100 Custom Complete Builder




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